Review: Cucol Bamboo Wooden Watch

Light and stylish yet affordable. That’s normally the comments with regards to our featured gift idea that you could buy at Amazon, the Cucol Bamboo Wooden Watch with Brown Cowhide Leather Strap.

Yep, it’s only $20.60 folks!

Click the Image and Buy Now!

Well, what can you say?! There’s hardly any negatives with this bamboo watch. The subtle brown color that goes along with a simple design has such an impact that brings elegance to a new level. And thanks to the soft cowhide leather strap, you won’t really worry about extended use but still look classy with the bamboo’s natural essence.

But wait. Extended use? Now comes a little concern, could the product actually handle ‘sweating’? Of course not if immersed in water like swimming or bathing since it’s made of wood — but sweating? How would it fare? Molds? Allergies? Deformation?


Another question would be its said ‘unisex flavor’. Hmm… While it’s being promoted as such, we don’t really think it would go well in a female’s wrist. Yup, even if the face may not be oversized, hey, it’s still large!

Anyway, whether it’s battery-powered or automatic doesn’t really matter. It’s got that Japanese quartz movement, so time accuracy is guaranteed all the time!


In all, the concerns are not really that great as adjustments are pretty easy to do. Plus with its cool finish and being smooth to touch, the natural grain of wood in its design simply proves that bamboo is tops!


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