Food Review: Kebab Beef with Biryani Rice (Istanbul Grill)

So how ’bout a Turkish meal this time around, eh? Yeah! And for now, it’s the Kebab Beef with Biryani Rice.

Well, l actually had this dish at the Istanbul Grill; and this was the experience..


Hmm… The meal’s preparation was, in fact, fast and easy as I waited for just a couple of minutes. But of course, the waiting is not everything in dining.

More than anything, it’s about the food. Then comes everything else. Yes? Yes!


Oh, the dish was deliciously spicy; and like ’em culinary arts from many other cultures, ‘spiciness’ seem to be among the specialties — though you could, of course, tell the staff to reduce ’em jalapeno. Haha! Then again, what’s the point in having ‘foreign’ food if you won’t try it as it really is??

In this case, to get the full flavor of the beef and rice, mixing the dish would be ideal unless you plan on ordering more rice without any additional beef or something. And obviously, the tasty flavor must be in the herbs and seasonings.

Simple experience yet truly enjoyable.


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