A Weekend To Remember in Lapu-Lapu (Oct 2016)

Most all of us are hoping for some kinda fun on the weekends, but this time, it certainly wasn’t the case. At least for those who tried to go where I went to..

And that was in Lapu-Lapu City.

Not that the place was awful but because most of the sites — that’s 4 out of 5 that I went to — were somehow inaccessible. Unbelievable!



Nature’s Garden Park Resort and Spa. Located along M.L. Quezon National Highway in Gabi, Cordova, Nature’s Garden Park Resort and Spa was closed. In fact, it’s been 7 months due to some legalities.

Wow, so I said ‘then on to the next one’.



Cebu Happy World Museum. Just several meters off the Garden Park was the ‘museum’. Well, while they didn’t have any legal issues — they were actually ‘cleaning’ the place when I got there. So, as I’d quote them, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’.

Didn’t want to waste the fee of going in while they’re at work, so I just took some shots of the vicinity.. Just check out our video.



Cordova Reef Village Resort. Towards the end of M.L.Q. National Highway was yet another resort, the Reef Village. And although this place was located several meters away from the highway, off I went.

But hmm… Unfortunately, this one has got a different policy. And that is you couldn’t take pictures unless you check in. Yes, you could inquire at the front desk but not photograph their pool and stuff. So I said, ‘Whoa?!?’


With the third boner, I already decided to ask the locals what other resorts were located nearby. Thus, I got back to the highway and trekked Barangay Algeria which then brought me to..


Agila Resort Spa. Well, the fourth place I went to didn’t have any legal problems, however, we don’t really know if they were actually cleaning inside as there was no “doorbell” (?) nor was there anybody outside to ask about the place.

Hey, t’is already the fourth bummer! Oh my! Luckily, Lapu Lapu is a place where resorts are sprawling; and so, I proceeded to the next one, the fifth..

The Best Western Sand Bar Resort. And, and t’was one of the nicest resorts you’ll see not only in Cebu but in the Philippines as well.


Pictures and video about it in our next weekend adventure.. Ciao!


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