Food Review: Bam-I and Fried Chicken (Mother’s Fried Chicken)

Sometimes our choice of meals could be the same but dining at different restaurants, much more, at different places makes different experiences.

In this case, the affordable Bam-I and Fried Chicken at Mother’s Fried Chicken restaurant.


Still, many times in dining, though the meal’s combination is crucial — understand that the region and the menu has something to do with our overall experience as well.

What would you pair with fried chicken? Mashed potatoes? Beans and carrots? All of ’em plus more. What else? Well, that’s normally the thing in Western meals. But at MFC, aside from rice, you got a choice amongst Bam-I, ‘palabok’ or spaghetti. That’s their packaging. Hmm…


Anyway, while the chicken was okay as in a little juicy — the Bam-I was quite dry. As in dry. No moisture at all that you’d need to drink your lemonade to avoid getting your throat ‘scratched’! Haha!

Oh, why was that? Perhaps I should have just paired my chicken with spaghetti, but that’s too common. So maybe ‘palabok’, at least you know and could really see the sauce on top of the noodles.

Till next time.. Ciao!


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