Food Review: Lechon (Cebu’s Ayer’s Lechon)

One of the more popular foods in the Philippines is the ‘lechon’, or ‘inasal’ in the Visayan region. And so, if one would ask why, then probably he must not have tasted it yet..

Cebu, known to be the province to have the best lechon in the country, comes with so many ‘eateries’ serving the delicacy; and one of them is the Cebu’s Ayer’s Lechon. Here’s our experience..


Hmm… A fancy design for a ‘roasted pig’ restaurant does not really matter — it’s lechon! So a native setting would be more appropriate for restos with such specialty.

At any rate, cleanliness does a lot to its ambiance though; and ‘active’ crews should be credited for it.


But of course, the food is still the centerpiece of it all; and for Ayer’s, well, I was quite disappointed with their lechon actually.

The rind or skin which is its ‘come on’ is not crispy but almost ‘rubbery’. Not only that, the meat had a little more ‘bones’ than one could ask for. With that, you would practically be eating just about two-thirds of your order — or three-fourths if you’re lucky.

Their packaged meal could have been nice though since they do offer ‘unlimited rice’ as well; but what is lots of rice, or even a juicy lechon if you only got little meat left?

Oh well.. A FREE WiFi could have saved the day, but they don’t have that either.


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