In Pictures: Balamban, More Than Just an Industrial Hub (Cebu)

Located over 60 kilometers northwest of Cebu City, Balamban is known to be Cebu’s west industrial hub — yep, what with the shipyard situated in its locale!

Still, it’s more than just about shipbuilding; as it’s a lively town with a wonderful cultural heritage!

To Get Here: You actually got three routes in going to Balamban. Through Busay. Toledo-Wharf road. Or through the Naga-Uling road which is where buses from the South Bus Terminal passes by. Fare is P70 one way, while travel time is over two hours.

Naga-Uling road is where you'll turn going to Toledo then Balamban
WCIP at Tsuneishi Road, Brgy. Buanoy

Okay, like Naga City (South Industrial Hub of Cebu), the place is not really known for beaches; yeah, even though it’s got a coastal area. Instead, life could be found in the town’s center..

The Parish Church of St. Francis of Assisi
Senyang, the town's most popular restaurant
The Public Park
The Baywalk

From its parish church to its sports center. And onto to its public market with its various eateries to its public park — yes, as well as its sports oval and its baywalk which is especially lively during the weekends and at night!

And by the way, here are two facts that could get your interest going even higher..

Balamban is one of those vegetable baskets of Cebu

One. Did you know that along with Dalaguete, Balamban is a major ‘vegetable basket’ of Cebu province? Really. Notice the tags on the veggies you buy at the supermarket?

Sports Oval where 'baseball' is the most popular sport

Two. Were you informed that the town’s ‘baseball team’ is one of the best in the region? Seriously. Do you actually check the dailies whenever there’s a Palarong Pambansa?

Well, if you did plan ahead, you could also try to arrange an ‘educational tour’ to Balamban’s shipyard. Wow!


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