Cocktail: How to Make a Martini

Probably the most popular cocktail drink is the Martini. Well, is it because of its ingredients? History? Association to James Bond?

Hmm… More than anything else, guess it’s simply because of its ‘name’. Ya’ know, it just gives you that ring. Haahh.. Martini. Yeah!

As H.L. Mencken says, “it’s the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet” — wow, then again, not until you’ve tasted a Martini would you really agree with such a pronouncement!

Still, regardless of whether it’s a dry Martini, a dirty Martini, a smoked Martini or what — remember two things: One. Ice can never be more important. Two. Despite the proliferation of Vodka, it’s in fact a gin that’s really the primary alcohol in this classic cocktail.

Yep, the higher the quality — the better the flavor! Obviously.

Now, it’s just a matter of whether you want yours ‘shaken or stirred’.. Enjoy!


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