Cocktail: How to Make a Cosmopolitan

Oh, here’s one of those drinks that a ‘newbie’ could mistake for Bloody Mary, the Cosmopolitan. Notice the color? Okay, this one is pink not red; but in composition, many says it’s like a Kamikaze or even a Daisy.

Anyway, let’s see how it’s done..

Hmm… Compared to the more common bar drinks, this cocktail has a little more ingredients with four. And it’s not like it would complete a ‘whole’ — when you look at the proportions below — in terms of fractions as it totals 3 1/4.

Cosmopolitan ingredients

But yep, you’re right; all these because of some ‘accident’. The Cosmopolitan was invented just in the 1970’s, after Neal Murray of Minneapolis added a splash of cranberry juice to a Kamikaze. Thus, something ‘cosmopolitan’ was created!


Well, with vodka taking most of the mixture, the other juices like the lime and the cranberry had to jockey for our palate’s approval especially since it’s mixed with Cointreau as well.

Yet fact is, it has its own following.

People just loves its ‘sharp’ taste! So careful in making another variation — especially one that would turn it into something sweet, like the cherry. It’s quite unpleasant, you may not really like it.

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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