Food Review: Eat All You Can (Kogi-Q)

Eat-All-You-Can restaurants has been on the rise, guess to counter the more popular ‘unli-rice’ food houses. Yes? Well, both has its pluses.. Yet where would you actually eat?

If only for the cheaper side, ‘unli-rice’ restos would be the clear choice. Still, if for the experience and all then the ‘eat-all-you-can’ would certainly be in the mix.


Now, what would you like — ‘already-cooked’, or the ‘cook-them-yourself’ buffet? Mind you, the latter is more expensive.

Oh, aside from the price, here’s some pros and cons to these.. If you’re to cook them yourselves then you know it’s fresh or newly cooked; and the way you want it done. Otherwise, if all you do is choose ’em cooked food then you may not even have time to digest ’em. Haha!


Right. Cooking takes time, so digestion also has time to do its job, thus, more food intake. However, all you could do here is grill your food, so it’s sort of limited. Our palate needs some kinda sauciness or soup, you know.

And so, you wouldn’t normally enjoy eating an all-grilled food the whole time — unless you’re in a beach, and swimming. So just charge ’em to experience.


Got to be careful though. You could pay P150 per head if you don’t finish the food you got — that you should be ready of when in an ‘eat-all-you-can’ resto. So..

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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