Cocktail: How to Make an Irish Coffee

Coffee? A cocktail drink? Really? Many may not be aware but there’s actually a bar drink that’s made of coffee. The Irish Coffee!

Of course, this is not the only ingredient, though it is the main one that to which Joseph Sheridan invented way back in the 1940’s for a group of travelers. So, let’s see how it’s done..

Neat, ehh?!

Just four ingredients to make your day! Well, this is probably where Starbucks got its inspiration, without the whiskey, of course. Haha!

And again, as we would anticipate, this cocktail also has several versions. Like in parts of Asia where only hot coffee and whiskey are used, yep, excluding the cream. Oh, that’s interesting.. No cream?

Anyway, if you want a version without the proof of whiskey then ask for the Baileys version as it’s not that strong, and you know, for a smoother coffee taste. Yes.

The Ingredients
The Ingredients

In all, the key here is not to overdo with the cream. Like not to make ’em too thick. And yes, those coffee beans could help ‘spike up’ your drink, too. Ey, they’re not just there to make your drink look good!


Some reminders. More than just for flavoring, make sure you got that brown sugar to keep your cream floating. And once everything is in place, do not stir your cocktail. Obviously, it would affect the cream. Thus, stirring should be done before the cream is poured.

Okay, that’s it, bottoms up and enjoy!


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