Food Review: Kapsalon (My Greek Taverna)

Sometimes there are foods that has sort of ‘complex’ names that intrigues us — even with ’em pictures we already saw — and only to find out that they are just made up of a mixture of a couple of common foods.

And the Greek’s Kapsalon is no different. Hey, it’s really just fries and coleslaw salad with some ketchup! Have you tried it?


Wow, then suddenly it’s a Greek delicacy??!


Yet again, even the slightest variation in a product ends up as a ‘new’ product. That’s just how it is. And so, it’s also one reason why we got so many registered patents or inventions in the fold.

Yeah, we know the taste of coleslaw. Also of fries with ketchup. So you must have an idea of how it is when everything is mixed..

In the end, with Kapsalon, it’s just all in the dipping. Enjoy!


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