Cocktail: How to Make a Sidecar

Probably one of the more complex cocktail drinks is the ‘Sidecar’; well, not because you’d confuse it for a ‘vehicle accessory’ or something — but because even bartenders themselves can’t seem to agree on what makes a ‘perfect’ Sidecar!

Really? Then just check out its ingredients first..

The Ingredients

Hmm… Know what makes this drink, uhmm, ‘puzzling’ or not so popular? The mix of Cointreau and lemon juice. You know, the proportions.

Hey, that’s like a little sweet and kinda sour trying to blend and impress your palate! Haha! Let’s see how it’s done..

The result? The Cointreau (or triple sec) could not really cancel out the sharpness of the lemon juice, and so, sugar was added to the rim.

Yet still.. A ‘failure’ of sorts as the drink needed some syrup to rescue it. Oh my..

Another variation from DJs BrewTube

Then why didn’t they just include the syrup as the drink’s ingredient as well?

Okay, this is when your experimenting, skill and taste comes to play.. So, just try it out!


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