In Pictures: Simala-Lindogon Marian Monks Shrine (Sibonga, Cebu)

One of the coolest architectural beauties not only in Cebu but in the country as well is the Simala-Lindogon Marian Monks Shrine found on the mountains of Sibonga. Yep, that’s right, thousands flock this place not only for their pilgrimage but because of its structures.

The Front
Far Left
Far Right

Reminds us of, what, St. Petersburg? Really. They’re kinda similar especially at first sight. Even The Great Wall has some similarities, too. Ahh, just makes us itching to get to ‘Lil Russia’! Haha!

To Get Here: Get to South Bus Terminal first, unless, your house is somewhere along the route of the buses to Sibonga then you could just wait along the highway. Now, if you happen to ride a bus in which the signage says ‘Simala-Sibonga’ then it would most likely go all the way to the shrine (the fare is about P75) — just ask the conductor if they’d go to the mountains.

Otherwise, if it says ‘Oslob’ or something like that, then you have to get off the corner of the road going to the church; again, just tell the conductor. If so, and at the corner, just ride a ‘habal-habal’ for P20 per head.

a-front-left a-front-right a-middle-earth

By the way, do you actually know what makes this place special to the pilgrims? Its said ability to heal. See. If ever you get that chance to come over, you’d notice more than a handful of people in crutches hoping their faith could heal their issues.

And true enough, you’d even see a museum of healing testimonies as well as donations (wheelchairs, crutches, et cetera) among others on display!


And so, especially for this ‘miraculous’ reason, visitors are required to adhere to dress codes and even remove their footwear as respect to the sacredness of Mary.

Watch out for our video on the Shrine.. Till next time!


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