Cocktail: How to Make a Jack Rose

Today’s cocktail could give you an idea of where the names of Titanic’s fictional characters came from, eh?! Remember, Jack and Rose??

Well, that’s right. Our cocktail is called Jack Rose; but this time, they won’t make us cry instead it’d make us a little more ‘talkative’ before putting us to bed. Hehe, really. And so, let’s see how it’s done..

Wow, those strainers and stuff just made the drink a little daunting to make! Other cocktails only uses the measuring cup, the shaker and the glass — this one’s got more, whew!

Yet it’s pretty interesting, don’t ya’ think? It must be quite pure; and in fact, it’s one of the six basic drinks listed in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

But how does it really taste? Hmm… Better try it yourself, your palate would know. Haha! Seriously, with apple and lemon in the mix then it must be kinda tarty sweet.

Still, some may find it more like ‘real’ apple than like apple candies which is good; and while others would say, “fortunately, it’s not like some kid’s medicine” which is better.

Thus, when looking for your ingredients, make sure you got the best quality — or at least, the best substitute. Yup, to better enjoy this classic, you know.

Till next time!


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