Consumer Info: Liver and Kidney Cleansing

With just about 10 days to go before the new year, you must have had most of ’em gifts wrapped and ready; yet wouldn’t it be nice if we could also gift ourselves with better health?

Yeah, with all the more eating to come, our bodies must already be giving that signal. And for all we know, it may be at a critical level.

Hmm… The video shows the most common yet potent natural mixtures that we could take as in a one-time, hope-to-heal-everything drink. While it’s good to know of such resources, don’t wait for your body to crumble and send an SOS.

Know what, carrots alone if consumed regularly — and not cooked — could help protect you against a thousand ailments! Yep, more than just detoxify. What more if we add lemon, apple and celery?? Hey, you don’t need to drink all of ’em in one instance — let the natural fibers and all seep into our bodies on a per fruit basis..

Just schedule your in-take!

Otherwise, you want one time? Take a supplement. Really. Then again, prevention, natural prevention is better than cure. So, why rely on a supplement when eating a fruit could even satisfy your hunger?

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.


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