Olango Island. Tinolang Manok. And Rice.

As in many, if not most, little islands — Olango Island in Lapu Lapu, Cebu is peaceful and abound with natural beauty but, obviously also faced with some challenges.

First, being an island off the province’s mainland, potable water presents some kind of problem. Second, transportation. Oh, more than what you’re thinkin’ of. Hey, the island has a means to be connected to the mainland — and that is through pump boats! And within the island? They ‘already’ got their vehicles in.

Yep. The keyword is ‘already’. Meaning, that was before the barge they used to transport bigger and heavier loads got damaged, but that it hasn’t been repaired nor replaced to date — a dilemma that definitely affects trade, commerce and development among others.

The road from the pier to 'eskina'

Save for bread, the high prices of food is proof to it.

'Tinolang Manok' at the 'eskina' eatery

A simple Filipino delicacy in ‘tinolang manok’ is at least 133 percent higher compared to that in the mainland. And we’re not just talking about pricing for ‘tourists’ but for locals as well, that is even for Olango locals!

The eatery at the 'eskina'

Yet as a whole, we could take comfort in their ‘rice’ though. Uhm… A single serving is about enough to satisfy your belly. And if you’re not satiated, you could even get an additional one for ‘free’. Yeah, that is if they ran out of rice and that you could take the toasted bottom.

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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