Food Review: Fried Chicken and Unli-Rice (Chef J)

So, to continue with our ‘affordable’ meals.. We now take on the ever so popular ‘Unli-Rice’ meal package; and this time at Chef J Best of Chicken and Noodles.

This is obviously one of the resto’s bestsellers, the ‘unli-rice’ meal but in the case of Chef J, it comes with unlimited gravy and a glass of iced tea as well..


Well, when we first saw the promo, we actually wondered what does the ‘unlimited’ gravy have to do with this meal package? Gravy goes with your chicken, and if you only have a piece of chicken or so — would the gravy then serve as your soup or viand as well?? Haha. So, why ‘unli-gravy’?

Anyway, with a piece of chicken and on a budget, you could normally eat 2-3 cups of rice — so their meal package price is indeed reasonable compared to more popular establishments..


And yet their chicken is not really bad.

Yeah, it’s not that dry plus you get to sip a glass of iced tea, too. Yey! See. Fried chicken, for that matter, is basically the same, yep, wherever you may eat at — it’s still just chicken! The only difference is the resto’s ambiance, and the amount of breading or seasoning they put. So.. eating at ‘lesser knowns’ is actually a good thing.

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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