Consumer Info: How to Completely Remove BedBugs (Surot)

You must have heard of the line “don’t let the bedbugs bite”, maybe even a hundred times; but unless you have really experienced being pestered, you might not even know how they look like..

Yeah, the ‘bedbugs’ or surot.
‘Cause for one, you wouldn’t even care of such nuisance. Then again, it’s better to know and be prepared; yup, just in case..

Hmm… So, that’s how they look like. And in human ‘sweat’ is where they thrive.

Anyway without researching, if you once thought that they’re like bees hovering from bed to bed, you’re not alone. Of course, underneath ’em beds and luggages.

But hey, they’re actually not just residing under our beds but in our pillows, clothing, fabrics and even in cracks of wood. Wow!


We did hear from elders though that these bugs could be eliminated by wiping ‘floor wax’ on our beds (excluding the mattress, of course) and spraying insect repellents all over..

So, aside from washing our sheets regularly, cleaning our place and obviously exposing our beddings and all to sunlight for hours — it’s good to know of the usefulness of Isopropyl Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil in battling these ‘blood suckers’, so to speak.

Don’t let ’em deny ya’ a good night’s rest. Till then.. Ciao!


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