Cocktail: How to Make a Manhattan

Whether there’s a celebration or not, it’s always good to have a drink; yes, to relax and help relieve some of the stress life has given us for the week.

And so now we bring you the Manhattan.

Hmm… What do you think, easy to prepare, right? Most cocktails actually are easy to make. Yet for this one, shaking is a no-no instead you have to stir it; and get that classic taste.

Oh by the way, the Manhattan is also one of those six basic drinks named in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks — so yeah, it’s a must-taste.

Basic Ingredients: Whiskey, vermouth and bitters

Still, a beginner might be a little disappointed in this drink especially if you’re used to sodas, or even beer. Well, it’s like that fruity flavored medicine you used to drink as a child, you know. It’s a bit bitter. But of course, as you get used to it — it’ll get used to you, too. Haha.

Anyway, and as usual, there are more than a handful of variations for cocktails and the Manhattan is no exception. Like, instead of Whiskey, you could use either Brandy or dark Rum.

Try it tonight.. And enjoy!


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