Oslob. Whalesharks. And GoPro.

I used to hear from backpacker hostels that this is one reason why tourists flock Cebu. And yeah, it’s because of the ‘whaleshark’ watching.. Where? Some 128 kilometers down south of the province.

Oslob. In barangay Tan-awan.

Whaleshark Watching sign: Brgy Tan-awan, Oslob
To the Briefing Center

To Get Here: Get to South Bus Terminal first. From there, ride a bus with the Oslob signboard. The aircon fare to Poblacion (center) is P145/head, however, if you want to go straight to the ‘whaleshark watching’ site — it’s P170, as it’s about 10 kilometers or so further from the center.

If you want a more personalized trip, you could hire a cab to take you back and forth, drop you off, or even for moving around. Just contact 0943 5247120.

The Briefing Center
Whaleshark Watching Facts and Guidelines

Accommodations here ranges from P360/head (dorm type room) to a couple of thousands depending on the resort you’ll stay and the amenities that go with it.

Oslob is the last town on Cebu’s eastern coast ‘that is frequented’ by tourists — the next towns that follow towards or near Cebu’s tip are less travelled and so, buses are real few that it’d even be better to hire a ‘habal-habal’ or a cab to move around.


Whalesharks are fed from 6AM to 10AM and so, that’s the time when ‘whaleshark watching’ is done. This means, you gotta wake up at around 5:30AM to prepare and be the among the first to see ’em whalesharks. Tell ya’, there are a lot whose lined up for this ‘show’, so not only would it be better to stay overnight in Oslob but also wake-up as early as you could. For accommodations, just contact 0943 5247120.

Just further down the shore is where 'watchers' will gather
One of the boats for the Whaleshark 'show'

The fee for this show? P500/head. This is good for 30 minutes and it includes a life vest and snorkels for you to swim side-by-side, yeah, with the ‘butanding’ (whaleshark)!




So, get ready with your GoPro!

Otherwise, if you were just too shy to borrow from your bunk mate then still the same, take that dive and just cherish the ‘whaleshark watching’ experience! Enjoy!


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