Superstitions. Disobedience. And Effort.

In this time and age, many would understandably question superstitious beliefs especially in the Western world where the principal idea is that “man is the master of his fate.”

Well, to each his own.

But, really? Man is the ‘master of his fate’? Then how do you explain some circumstances and events?? Just an accident? Incidental? Or when it’s to our favor, it means ‘we did it’? And when it’s not, t’was just ‘bad luck’?

See. We cannot say ‘God is the source of everything’ then believe only in what we want to believe. If God is good then the ‘not so good’ that happens in our lives is His punishment for disobedience. It’s like Karma. Thus, if there are angels then there must be ‘bad spirits’ that God allowed to roam the face of the earth to test us and our faith.

In superstitious beliefs, spirits are somehow also given power by man to direct thoughts. Yet after examining carefully, many of ’em actually makes sense. Seriously.

Still, though there’s really nothing wrong — as they say — in following superstitions; we cannot totally rely on ’em, or on ‘charms and amulets’ to help our lives — but God, our continuous efforts on earth..

And how we blend with our environment.


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