Consumer Info: The Health Benefits of Drinking Baking Soda

Many would have thought that ‘baking soda’ is just for, well, cooking; altho some may have heard of its cleaning properties. Then again, did you know that it could actually be drunk plain with water? And for health benefits that is.

Yes, you heard us right. Baking soda is another ‘miracle’ drink that you can count on.

Hmm… It’s important to take note, however, that while baking soda could restore our kidneys’ functions while normalizing blood pH levels among others — baking soda is not really good for those with high blood pressure since it’s got an ample amount of sodium.

So, don’t just take in something just because you heard ‘health benefits’. Check it out.. And Follow Us too.

Hey, t’is actually good news! I mean, the water! It’s not hot water as in coffee or tea, so there’s no need to boil water just to drink baking soda! Lesser hassle, right?!


One. With its cleaning properties, baking soda is a good ‘substitute’ and an ’emergency’ option when you run out of toothpaste.

Two. One reason for ‘arthritis’ is the kidneys’ failure to manufacture sodium bicarbonate — this happens when you eat fatty foods.

Preventing cramps and fatigue? Not only bananas but baking soda

Three. Note that the lactic acid released during physical activity results in stiffness and fatigue — and that the consumption of baking soda can be used to increase and maintain physical performance.

In all, key here is self-discipline towards a healthy lifestyle; yet when the worst just gets crossed, remember the dosage to your ‘baking soda therapy’.


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