Consumer Live: How To Make Kani Maki (Japanese)

Most of us must have already heard of sushi, and have most likely eaten or tasted ’em, too. Yet more than for its health benefits or delicious taste, weren’t you ever curious of how it’s prepared?

Well, we now bring you Kani Maki or the ‘crab stick sushi roll’..

Hmm… Meticulous. Painstaking. No wonder its flavorful! Hey, even food making by the Japanese is like an art that many people around the world are trying to emulate!

By the way, the ingredients for Kani Maki are the nori (Japanese edible seaweed), crab stick, cucumber and Japanese rice — which incidentally costs P120 a kilo. Wow! Well, it’s sticky and tastier, of course.


On the other hand, the California Maki which is the roll you see on the right of the photo is made up of: the nori, crab stick, mango and Japanese rice that is rolled from the outside. And it’s P220 per pack, that’s 2 rolls.



T’is actually P30 more expensive than the Kani Maki, and obviously, because mangoes are more sought after than cucumbers. Right.

Time to try this.. Again. Enjoy!


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