Cocktail: How to Make the Last Word

Yes, thank God it’s Friday! No, it’s a Saturday! Ahh then, another round of cocktails?? Well, this time we bring you the Last Word.

My, does it sound a little creepy?

Hmm… Guess the video presenter does. I mean, creepy. Kinda monotonous and fast for many to even understand what he’s saying — that ’em video shots were only good for his ‘tools’. Hehe. Not the ingredients’ measurements. T’was vague.

So here. The Last Word is made of gin, lime juice, chartreuse and maraschino liqueur — all in equal parts. Just pour ’em all in your glass and add ice before shaking. That’s it. No garnish. Anyway, the maraschino is already made from cherries. So?


Isn’t sort of interesting? You know, they’re all in equal parts so, shouldn’t the taste be like ‘confusing’? Well..

Not confusing but but sharp and tangy.

So, if you can’t take it, you could change the base liquor from gin to say.. Rye whiskey. Like the recipe of Phil Ward for one. Just be ready to spend a little, these ingredients are bit heavy on the pocket.

Experiment.. And enjoy!


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