Movie Review: Resident Evil – The Final Chapter (2017)

So, have you seen the 6th and final installment of Milla Jovovich’s film on the Resident Evil franchise? Well, it’s been raking millions not just because it’s said to be The Final Chapter, but because and especially for those who have followed the series, t’is one of ’em franchises that’s been quite entertaining.

The story. The fighting. The challenges. Fans doesn’t seem to get tired of it! Could it be because of the video game? Whoah.

As we know the film, or series for that matter, is about a strong-willed female ‘warrior’ battling the evil schemes of the Umbrella Corporation and trying to get the cure for the T-Virus that has infected thousands and turned them into zombies.

Know what, the swift scenes may have had many moviegoers overlooking the gunfight when Alice was hung upside down. While it looked good, hey, how come none of those soldiers were really able to fire a single shot even when Alice was using a ‘single-shot’ gun while hanging in the air? Hmm… Quite cinematic, eh?!

Alice hanging upside down in a gun fight
Alice hanging upside down in a gunfight

Still, what could be impressive though is the ‘predictive combat software‘. Like, you’d already know the moves your enemy would make even before he does it. Yeah, it could certainly be useful in real life particularly for law enforcers, but at the same time kinda risky, too — that’s if ever it falls into the hands of the mentally unstable. And oh, one doesn’t even have to be ‘formally’ diagnosed with a psychological illness for even the rich and powerful in today’s society could be that threat.

Dr. Isaacs (above) and Albert Wesker (below)
Villains Dr. Alexander Isaacs (above) and Albert Wesker (below)

Greed. That’s the real root of all evil. How ’bout an anti-virus for that? Haha. Not funny. Anyway, the laser weapon.. ahh, not really new.

Incidentally, Milla Jovovich has sort of shown signs of ageing, huh? Nope, not the fighting and stuff. Those are just camera tricks. I mean, her physical self. She may not be fat per se but, the suppleness of her skin, you know. And yes, the intensity of her eyes. That speaks a lot about age.

Perhaps that’s why this could be its last movie. Then again, maybe not.

Flashbacks as in the start of the film is okay if only to refresh those who’ve followed the series; however, it could only do so much for those who have just watched the latest movie of its franchise.

Producers should just be careful when including flashbacks. It should not be lengthy. It should not be full of hype. It should not be boring nor monotonous. Instead, it should be subtle. As in how Alicia uploaded memories to Alice: “…the childhood you never had along with the woman she could never become.”



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