Movie Review: John Wick 2 (2017)

When we hear the name Keanu Reeves, what’s our recall? Action hero. Suave actor. The Matrix?!

Oh, it’s been almost two decades since The Matrix ‘started’. Hey, that makes Keanu kinda old, eh? Hehe. Well, good grooming and makeups can do wonders especially a healthy lifestyle! So.

Anyway, he’s back again in John Wick: Chapter 2..

Have you actually watched this film? The action scenes here are quite hard-core, you know, like being shot from within 3 inches — and just a lot of stabbing — yeah, in different parts of the body at that! But it’s realistic as can be, no Matrix here. Hehe. John Wick bled a lot, too.

How ’bout the ‘body search’? Sure you noticed how the lady struck in between Keanu’s legs during a ‘standard’ search. You agree on that? Yep, it looks a little ‘hard-core’ too, but for issues like ‘national security’ — guess that would be necessary — with due consideration to gender, of course.

As Winston said, “Rules. Without them, we live with the animals.”

Still, what made us intrigued by this movie is seeing the ways of the underworld. Sorta reminds us of Mr. Right but in a more serious way.

T’is a lesson here. Once you get linked to the ‘underworld’, it would be tough to get out of it. So, think twice before doing something you might just regret — or worse, pay for with your life later on.

Deception and selfishness are what put rules in a ‘bad light’

For as we know, we are governed by rules. Yup, ever since Adam and Eve’s time! And it’s not about trying to control, for then, God is the one trying to control us. See, He says “not everyone who calls Lord, Lord will be saved but only those who follows the will of God.”

That even sounds like a threat! But it is what it is. Rules keeps us safe. Following ’em shows our commitment. Whether with God. At home. School. Work. Play. Or in any relationship. Following = Commitment.

Eversince man has been governed by rules
Ever since, man has been governed by rules

Key here is, if you find something ‘tough to swallow’ — then talk it over. Fix especially if family. Not quit. After all, we’re not goons!

Till John Wick 3.. Ciao!


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