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In Pictures: Compostela Boardwalk Beach Resort (Cebu)

One of the smallest beach resorts one could ever go to is the Boardwalk at Compostela, Cebu — that is 26 kilometers north of the city!

T’is easy to find though since it’s just right after the municipal hall and the town’s public market; however, just before the Green Lagoon Park which is also in Compostela. Okay, got it!?

Compostela Municipal Hall is to the left when coming from Cebu City
From Cebu City, the Boardwalk is to the right

Anyway, smallish as it is, the Boardwalk’s got a handful of signages?!

Signage #1: Just after the reception
Signage #2: After the kiddie pool and the cottages
Signage #3: In front of the main pool

We are not even counting the resort’s ID! Well, it’s just noticeable since the place is clearly just a few hundred (??) square meters in area. And so, everything is just on a rectangular landscape.

From the entrance, the cottages are to the right
Rooms are to the left

Well, the resort proper is kind of cute though — and perhaps never really experienced overcrowding unless those bigger resorts are full. So, you got ’em little pools all for yourself with this one..

Main pool
Kiddie pool

Even tho with limited parking space. But who cares, you’re alone!

Parking area just before the resort proper

How ’bout checkin’ our ‘live’ tour, ey, you might see somethin’ else!

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In Pictures: Green Lagoon Park (Compostela, Cebu)

A lagoon park that’s pleasantly close to Cebu City, the Green Lagoon Park is just 27 kilometers north of the city proper! Have you been there?

Well, if you’re all alone or even with a partner, you would not really have to spend much getting there as even a jeepney (with no need to ride a ‘habal-habal’) will do since the place is just along the highway of the municipality of Compostela. See??!

The entrance to Green Lagoon Park
Reception Area
TO THE RIGHT OF THE ENTRANCE: 2-way road going to the shore with cottages on the side
Cottages near the shore
View of the rooms from the back
The playhouse just before the pool
Pool fee is P100 for adults and P50 for kids
This is the only pool they have but it’s good enough

By the way, if you notice, the place is spacious enough, so do not worry about parking space. Check out the video for a ‘live’ feed.

One of those fun things you could do here is play volleyball. Oh, did I hear ‘basketball’?? Sorry guys, I didn’t see any court. Nada.

Volleyball area near the shore

Also, for those who love to sing, there’s no ‘videoke’ here — but you could bring your own tho. And whether there’s singing or not, there is drinking; ey, your corkage fee okay? At the entrance.

In Pictures: Solea Resort – Part 2 (Alegria, Cordova)

So here now is the second part of our feature for ’em resorts — Best Western Sand Bar and Solea. Yeah, these are in fact two resorts sitting side-by-side but normally referred to as one, the more unique or ‘different’ name — the Sand Bar.

As promised, we bring you the pools.. and more!

Okay now, some of the landscaping miscues..


While vehicles may be ‘well’ parked (well?) at about the entrance of the resort, it just looks tight and messy. Yeah, despite the space. Not only that, valet parking should be pronounced. After all, it would be quite a walk under the heat of the sun.


Soil maintenance should be round the clock. See, understandably the ground is not all flat, so ‘patches’ of green or brown could affect the landscaping in spite of the nicely spread seats and couches.


Okay, the ‘chess-like’ design near the side-end of the resort is cute; however, its ‘baldness’ on that area makes us question if this area was not really part of the plan. Hmm…

Then again, overall, t’is just a great place to be!

In Pictures: Best Western Sand Bar Resort – Part 1 (Cordova, Lapu Lapu)

After featuring a strange experience in our previous travel article, we now bring you a wonderfully satisfying adventure! Yup, same area but with a good deal of sights — even sounds.

Well, actually there was an event by a ‘car dealer’ the day we went to the Best Western Sand Bar Resort — and so, a crowd of over a thousand people! Seriously. Then again, it’s not the event that we are now here for but the place. And incidentally, its name includes the compelling adjective ‘Best’, thus they should really be doing what it takes to live up to their name.



To Get Here: There are really no jeepneys that go to the Sand Bar as they’re only up to their terminal in Basak-Marigondon Road. From there, you got to take a tricycle which would in fact cost you a lot as the place is quite far from the terminal. So, your best choice here would be to hire a cab if you do not have a vehicle of your own. After all, you would also be bringing food, clothing and stuff — not to mention your whole tribe! Haha!


Hmm… The lobby is not really big but it’s bright, down-to-earth and has no frills. Say just enough for guests who are quite excited about seeing what lies ahead.



Coconut trees and other plants are strategically placed so as not to look messy — or even ‘overcrowded’ in one area. Nice landscaping. Really.



Okay, while there are still some areas that needs to be finished, they’ve actually done a good job in doing something about it.. For the meantime.


Anyway, whilst other resorts only has a beach or a pool, obviously this place has ’em both — and a little more! And still, if there are those who has ’em beach and pool, well, not many has a vast area that is beautifully landscaped such as this.


In the end, a cool place is simply about the good use of space.

Oh yes, the pools? We’ll have ’em on our next feature.. As well as their landscape miscue. Huh?? So, stay tuned.

In Pictures: Ring RestHouse (Tisa, Cebu City)

If you are fond of heights, we mean the mountains, well, our next adventure is going to bring you close to nature. A mountain resort. And just within Cebu City!

Really. And it’s not even in Busay — but Tisa. The Ring RestHouse!


To Get Here: Just ride jeepney number 12 from Cebu City proper. Then get off Tisa Public Market, or the corner road going to South Hills. Take a ‘habal-habal’, and you’re on your way uphill!

The main roads are actually okay as they are concrete and two-way; but it’s when you reach the corner towards the resort that it becomes narrow, and where parking is even very limited.





The place has got 2 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools — yeah, located on two levels. Indeed, it’s really a pretty small place, and what makes it appear ‘big’ are the levels or floors in which there are three.




On these levels.. Pools, cottages, and rooms are ‘scattered’ including refreshment areas, bars, and even a little chapel.


Oh before we forget, the entrance fee is P110 for adults and P60 for kids; while cottages are at P300 and P500. They’re lower though on weekdays..

So, if you wish to stay overnight, their rooms are pegged at P1,900, and that’s good for 3. For us though, a visit is good enough considering the resort’s limitations.

Still, have fun!

In Pictures: Circa La Playa (Minglanilla, Cebu)

Just near the boundary of Talisay and Minglanilla is another resort where many spend their bonding time, and this is at Circa La Playa. Located at the inner part of Tungkil in Minglanilla, somehow, this resort lacks some ‘land’ — yes, from parking space to pools.


Parking Area near the Entrance
Parking Area near the Entrance
Notice the cars behind the pool?
Notice the cars behind the pool?

Since their regular parking area could only hold around 20 vehicles or so and ’cause it’s frequented by many, you could park even almost beside the pool! Oh my.. Can’t just say t’was designed as such. Not really good. The landscaping is not right if there’s so many people.

The first pool you’ll see upon entering the resort



The pools on the other hand; well, though they are somewhat ‘well-designed’ (?) — they’re just pretty small. You see, with the number of bathers at hand, the pools’ sanitation becomes questionable.

Yet how do you solve these?

Restrict or limit the number of visitors? Buy more land to the sides of the resort? Well, that’s for management to decide. While the first option could most likely be by-passed by the owner, the second one would take time, what with the development to take place!


Landscaping would have been okay if not for so many people

But for us, for those seeking to relax — at least, ‘healthily’ — these info becomes our basis for choice. Would you, or would you not? Anyway, just check out our video pics..

After all, even the road to the resort is just so tight — it’s like a road only good for 1 1/3 vehicles but forced to become a two-way street. So, imagine the weekend traffic? Yeah, we’re talking about the road near the bridge (Tungkil Market) and going to Mohon road. Juuust wondered why officials aren’t doing something about this?


The Plight of Aznar Beach Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

For those of you who have not heard of Aznar Beach Resort, well, it’s just located on the coastal area of Talisay — around 12 kilometers from Cebu City.

But sadly, t’is just one of those places that really needs improvement even more than the one we saw in Minglanilla — which is at least a private property. But this one? It’s said to be a beach resort, so..

Getting to Aznar Beach Resort
Getting to Aznar Beach Resort

Something just has to be done.

Nahh. Can’t do anything ’bout the sand. If it ain’t white, it ain’t white. But what the beach owner could do is improve the ‘landscaping’ of sorts. It’s just kinda tight and disorganized. Cottages are too close. Vendors are just about everywhere. Their kiosks that is; making the place look quite ‘dirty’. And ’em fences needs to be replaced.

Yeah, those are just the obvious. Perhaps you could even see more.
Okay, the beach is catered for the masses but still, there should be some sort ‘beautification’, you know. Hey, with its current status, ‘sanitation’ might as well becomes a question!

If only you want to save, or perhaps just for the experience of it..

Yeah, you could try Aznar — it’s still a beach.