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Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Today’s movie feature got an interesting plot about a dog who kept reincarnating till he found his way back to his beloved owner. The title? A Dog’s Purpose.

Yep, it’s been recently shown in theatres, so surely ‘em dog lovers out there or even just those seeking for some light-hearted movie might have already seen this film. Then again, have you ever thought why this Dennis Quaid-starrer was entitled such?

After all, aren’t there only two purposes of a dog? To comfort his master, and to guard or look after him and his properties? A police dog, well, somehow it also falls under the second purpose.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, this film actually caused controversy when one of the dogs used — the German shepherd for that matter — was said to have been forced into running water that eventually required human rescue. Hmm.. Don’t you think t’was just some promotional stunt?

The controversial dog

Anyway, the dogs used were real lovely and they must have gotten sick and tired doing the film, huh? Especially if it took several takes to complete a scene. But the Golden Retriever, or Bailey surely fit the bill as “man’s best friend.” Yup, his features and all.

However, while we could accept human reincarnation, dogs making their rounds on earth as well doesn’t make sense. You know, how could you prove it? That the dog you have now is the one you had 20, 30 years ago!? Catching their tails or doing some dog tricks ain’t enough, hey, we don’t speak dog! So, how would you know that it’s really your dog of old??

How would you know it’s really Bailey?

The nice thing about this film though are the life lessons. And those are something we should really take to heart. The meaning of life. The reason for one’s being. That life is not simply a bed of roses. Wow, do we really need a dog just to remind us?? Bailey just did. See, many are simply lost under the sun.

And perhaps only in realizing how short life is could be the only way to make us understand all these. Yeah, can’t just boast of having a personal relationship with God — ‘cause if you do not really follow all His teachings — then that personal relationship does not exist. Common sense.

Don’t waste life but treasure ’em what really matters

In the end, just live. Respect and be responsible. Help when you can. Value what really matters. Oh yes, having a dog could teach you these things. So, have fun. But remember, not everything fun is good.