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In Pictures: The Canyoneering Rush at Alegria (Cebu, 2017)

If you love hiking and nature, if you like jumping off cliffs and swimming — then we got something for ya’. Canyoneering! And in Cebu, there are basically two towns where you could do it — Badian and Alegria — both at the southern part of the province.

You know, Badian, where Kawasan Falls is as well? Yeah, they got canyoneering there, too. Level 1 that is. However, if you want a little more challenge then go to Level 2, that’s in Alegria — the town after Badian. And that’s where we took our thirst for some adventure..

The bridge to adventure
Photo from the bridge to where we’d swim to.. After the jump
1st jump right off the bat

Don’t be surprised when after wearing your gears and crossing the bridge — you’d be making your first jump right off the bat. It’s just how the trail starts, and perhaps to get your adrenaline going.

Watch your step. Some stones are slippery.



Adventure is not for the fainthearted. Can’t keep thinking, just roll.




Hike. Jump. Swim. That’s what ‘canyoneering’ is all about — so, go!

Alegria’s trail is a 4-kilometer stretch of rocks and water in the midst of nature; plus, a kilometer or so of dry land and hill hiking..

0j 0k 0l

Which would actually leave you starving after completing the entire course! This is why it’d be good to get a nice deal from your provider. That’s at the canyoneering headquarters, or contact 0943 5247120.

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In the end, t’is just a good therapy for your mind and body.

In Pictures: Mantayupan Falls (Barili, Cebu)

Here is one of the more than 90 falls you could find in Cebu province.. the Mantayupan Falls in Campangga, Barili — some 60 kilometers southwest of the city.

Oh, did you know that it’s just about 300 meters away from another wonderful adventure? Well then, let’s see these pics first..

0 1

Hmm… Can you see ’em clearly? I mean the print on the signboard. If not, here goes. There are actually 2 falls here, one is 14 meters high and the ‘main’ falls is about 98 meters high..



This is the 14-meter high falls; and it’s the first falls you’d see.



Now, t’is the ‘main’ waterfalls at 98 meters.. A lot really gathers here to have picnics, you know. The ‘wind’ is pretty cool off the falls, yeah!


For the curious, here’s what that small sign says — check it out!



And yes, in case you wish to spend a night or two, they got rooms.


So, what can you say? Okay, the water is not blue nor green; well, it just rained before we got there. Still, it’s bathable. After all, it’s running water, remember?! Just be careful.


In Pictures: Solea Resort – Part 2 (Alegria, Cordova)

So here now is the second part of our feature for ’em resorts — Best Western Sand Bar and Solea. Yeah, these are in fact two resorts sitting side-by-side but normally referred to as one, the more unique or ‘different’ name — the Sand Bar.

As promised, we bring you the pools.. and more!

Okay now, some of the landscaping miscues..


While vehicles may be ‘well’ parked (well?) at about the entrance of the resort, it just looks tight and messy. Yeah, despite the space. Not only that, valet parking should be pronounced. After all, it would be quite a walk under the heat of the sun.


Soil maintenance should be round the clock. See, understandably the ground is not all flat, so ‘patches’ of green or brown could affect the landscaping in spite of the nicely spread seats and couches.


Okay, the ‘chess-like’ design near the side-end of the resort is cute; however, its ‘baldness’ on that area makes us question if this area was not really part of the plan. Hmm…

Then again, overall, t’is just a great place to be!

Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

The title may not be appealing to some as it sounds a little ‘sickly’ — probably because of the word ‘home’ — then again, Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has even been compared to films like Harry Potter among others. Interesting. But for us, it’s really in fact more like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The X-Men..

You know, entities with extra-ordinary powers shunned by society and like ‘trapped in a time loop’! Well, t’is actually about a boy who after his family’s tragedy follows clues from his grandfather’s old photos that leads him to an abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island.. And so, the adventure begins.

This novel is just somethin’, eh!

A girl lighter than air. An invisible boy. A girl who could grow plants and trees in a jippy. A child who is as strong as an ox. A boy who spits out bees. Another boy having the ability to extend another’s life by borrowing another creature’s heart. And more. Wow! No wonder it’s been a best seller off the shelves!

Hey, one would even think that he might have already seen all the ‘power’ there is in ‘group’ super beings, but no, there’s more in this. And to think that they’re not even superheroes!

The Peculiars
The Peculiars

Certainly, very entertaining for kids and adults alike. Perks up the imagination — more so that these ‘peculiars’ live in a time loop (created by Miss Peregrine) where they have to relive the same day forever. Plus a cave that’s like a time worm between 1943 and 2016!


If you even need a rope to control your flight or destination, then it makes less of a superhero — and that’s okay.

Anyway, when there is power, there’s an opposing power to it. Dr. Golan, a wight trying to gain more power. This then adds purpose to the ‘Peculiars’ which showcases their abilities in trying to stop the ‘bad supernaturals’. Yeah, while their abilities are unique, guess too much fantasy made some of the effects a little poor; and we’re talking about the battle at the carnival between the invisible monsters and the skeletons. In that instance, the 3D wasn’t that good anymore.

Also, there’s this scene that makes things close to, if not, boring. Really. Since you could practically control everything. Like when the ‘Peculiars’ were like watching some film at the yard — in where just before the bomb could blow up, all Miss Peregrine did was to use her ‘stopwatch’ and so causing the bomb and the planes to return. T’was like just being a show-off. Haha! No real purpose in that.

The invisible Peculiar playing with the ‘bee spitting’ boy

And yes, just curious. Why can’t Jacob see the invisible Peculiar? Yet, he could see hollowgasts! If his ability is limited to the ‘bad’ guys, then at least the producers should have made a scene where the invisible Peculiar shows himself to the group. Makes sense?!

Still, all because t’is a fantasy especially made for kids, most movie-goers don’t really mind a purposeful story line (unless it’s too bad) save for being entertained by special powers. Yup, we like Emma’s clearing of the underwater for breathing space, and the ‘pulling out of the sunken ship’ to the surface for sail though. Those were cool!

So surely, get ready for a sequel!

Review: Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter

With stress becoming more pronounced, travel has become even more of an outlet. And yes, obviously, nothing beats re-energizing as in being in a different place. The adventure just about fixes everything. Our body. Our mind. Our mood. Our perspective in life.

T’is more than just the beaches, or the mountains; but really about the mem’ries. And so, what a better way to store ’em than having a cool camera? A quadcopter camera!

The Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter!

Click the Image and Shop Now!

Know what? This quadcopter camera is actually the number 1 Best Seller in Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotors at Amazon! So, it’ll be good that we check ’em out.

Main Features: 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes the copter more stable and flexible when flying. It’s wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors. Equipped with HD Camera Left / Right hand throttle mode can be changeable by the transmitter (2 in 1). CLICK HERE for more details.

By the way, its battery fully charges in about 100 minutes with a flying time of around 7 minutes. And this X5C Camera Drone uses spread spectrum technology for further remote distance and anti-interference ability with its 2.4GHz Remote Control.

X5C Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches. Weight 1.2 pounds

Hmm… Said to be the ultimate drone for beginners, the X5C as we now know can be used indoors or outdoors — perform flips, take video, or snap photos with the push of a button. Oh, it would be a good thing though to attach a ‘bluetooth finder’ on your drone in case it drops — you can never tell, you know, for any drone that is.

In all, while the video may not be ‘cinema’ quality — t’is certainly a good buy and for just $43.35, the X5C would be right at your door step in no time!

In Pictures: Durano EcoFarm Spring (Carmen, Cebu)

Beaches or the mountains. Well, that’s normally the choices up front when we seek to refreshen amidst the city chaos, or whatever stress we may want to get rid of. Yet wouldn’t it be nice if we could have them both? Water and wilderness?!? Wow!!

Here’s one place where you could experience them both..

z1-introsurroundings-2Durano EcoFarm Spring Resort at Carmen, Cebu.

To Get Here: It’s about 49 kilometers from Cebu City, so if you don’t have your own vehicle — rent one. Otherwise, take a jeepney or a Ceres bus at the South Bus Terminal. Then get off Carmen Market.

From there, just take a ‘habal-habal’ for P35 per head. And make sure you tell the driver to fetch you when it’s time, so get his cell number and try to agree on a back and forth fare.

The Entrance
The Parking Area

4-just-inside 5-just-about-in

The EcoFarm has 5 pools, so don’t worry, you got a lot of swimming space — besides, it also got a waterfalls! Just cool, eh?!



This pool is at the end of the 5 pool spring, so water is still being filled up
This pool is at the end of the 5 pool spring, so water is still being filled up

Oh, fact is there are 7 pools, but 2 are hardly used — so, take your pick! Just be careful when walking on the sides, no horse playing!

A table for four could be extended, and that's even more fun
A table for four could be extended, and that’s even more fun!
One of the accommodations
One of the accommodations
A tree house for campers' of 6
A tree house for campers’ of 6

Once you get to this place, spending the night is tempting; so, they got rooms for you. For two is P1,200 a night, while for 6 is P1,500.

For cottages, it’s P800 to P1,200 for day use. Yet worry not, ’cause their table for 4 is only P300 — and it could be extended, of course!





Don’t you just love the wilderness?!! Yep, green iiis indeed beautiful!

The waterfalls is actually not that high, still you’d feel that rush!

surroundings-4 surroundings-5 surroundings-6

More so, don’t you just wanna see more beyond ’em rocks? See ya’!

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Nothing is more traumatic than losing one’s parents; and that’s what happened to Pete, when as a 5-year-old kid he was orphaned in a car accident — and so he ended up growing in the woods.

Yeah, after losing both parents, you could just imagine how scared Pete was, that he would cling to just about anyone or anything that could save him or give him hope!

In comes, Elliot, the dragon. And so our journey begins.

Having been raised by a dragon, and without any ‘sight’ of humans — Pete must have forgotten how to speak or to get along with people. Ah well, this is fantasy. The dragon alone says it. Still, this is like a mix of Tarzan, The Jungle Book and.. the controversial thing. Loch Ness.

In this world, there would always be an angel(s) for you

While Tarzan and The Jungle Book are basically stories made into movies, Loch Ness is ‘reality’. A controversial one though and an unproven one for that matter. Anyway, we are not here to discuss about the Loch Ness monster, although we could slightly go through Tarzan and The Jungle Book since this movie is a fantasy one in the first place.

Then again, why is it always about a boy being orphaned in the woods — and being raised by animals? This just tells us somethin’, huh? That animals are ‘better’ than humans?? Makes sense.

Just look at the souls of Tarzan and Mowgli. Pure. Just like Pete.

Sometimes ‘running away’  is the best and only way to escape human cruelty

Now look when the said ‘civilized’ people intrudes into their world. Things just messes up. Right? Why is this? Greed and selfishness more than curiosity. And this is when ‘pure souls’ like Pete would not really be able to understand humans. They’d just end up getting exploited and hurt.

While the movie is heart-warming, there’s one big question though..

How come Pete could still speak ‘human’ language when it’s been six years since he was ‘removed’ from civilization — and at a very young age of 5?! He’d just be speaking ‘dragon’ language, at least, right?

This dragon is square and furry

And uhm, do you like how the dragon has been ‘digitalized’? I mean, Elliot is real ‘square’ and furry. Like Norm of the North. Look at the jaw. And he almost looks like a cow. Oh! Of course, Norm’s a bear — while Elliot is a dragon. Bears are definitely not square. Dragons? They could be just about anything you could imagine with wings and breathes fire — but not that green. At least that’s how we grew up with. Haha! But Elliot’s sweet. And that’s what matters here.


In the end, no matter how cruel the world could become — only good relationships remain. And that’s the only thing worth keeping.