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Movie Review: The Boss Baby (2017)

From boss dog (A Dog’s Purpose), we now go to The Boss Baby. So, the war on affection is really between babies and puppies, eyy?! Some proof that dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. But of course, this is just a story. After all, would you love your puppy more than you would love your very own child??

Anyway, this film did well in the box office — currently, almost double its budget — and so talks of a sequel became even louder.

Quite entertaining, uh?! A baby that wears a suit, carries a briefcase and could talk. Wow, wouldn’t you freak out if you knew of one that could really talk? Well, that seemed to be the case with Tim since he suddenly found himself fighting for his parents’ attention with the arrival of.. The Boss Baby.

As suggested, the story line was good — but notice that some of the jokes were pretty shallow. Loved that money throwing though.

Still the 3D animation was okay, like though in a suit, the boss baby still looked very much like a baby — with the family and most of the characters looking cool, too. And that speaks the same for the voice cast — as always, Steve Buscemi (a.k.a. Francis) was solid while Alec Baldwin (a.k.a. Boss Baby) was convincing!

Alec Baldwin a.k.a. The Boss Baby

And don’t forget the lessons.

Okay, some of ‘em could be hard to comprehend — yep, since such tips are basically for those who are in the ‘rat race’. So in reality, it’s not really applicable to everyone as success has a unique definition for all of us. However, if there’s one thing that we should take note of then it must be these lines by Tim, watch ’em..

Indeed, puppies are cute; however, babies are not only cute but funny! So, get ready for — The Bossier Baby!

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

You may not have just heard it, but even experienced it as well. Hey, Beauty and the Beast has simply been breakin’ box office records! Really. Some malls even have as many as 3-4 of their cinemas showing the ‘humanized’ movie of the 1991 classic. Wow!

Shows that the world has really been waiting for this film! Still, if you have seen the ‘original’ (yup, the animated form), one can’t help but compare of course — and imagine the ‘humanized’ version to its cartoon predecessor.


Probably the coolest thing about the ‘humanized’ Beauty and the Beast is casting Emma Watson as the lead. Her aura of simplicity just illuminates even the darkest corners of a castle (yeah, regardless of Lumière hehe) and that with a beauty that could break a ‘beastly’ spell. Just enough sophistication indeed.

Don’t you just love Belle’s dress??
Emma Watson: Perfect choice as Belle


Guess the appearance of the ‘cartoon’ beast is a little better here. The prosthetics in the ‘humanized’ form is just kinda rubbish. With downward-pointing fangs (t’was upwards in the cartoon) and large horns pointing backwards (t’was two cute, front-pointing little horns back then) — the beast looks evil rather than just a troubled soul.

The beast with his kindest look
The beast’s kindest look in animation


What ‘else’ makes a classic fairy tale movie, huh? Great story. Cool graphics. Wonderful cast. And of course, a ‘moving’ theme song. Just wished t’was the Celine Dion-Peabo Bryson version they had in this movie, haaahh — that would have brought the house down!

The cast


If the prosthetics was ‘so-so’ then the 3D should have been good to at least make up for it; sadly, while the candle, the clock, and the wardrobe were okay — the pot, the teacup, the feather duster, and even the wolves were an obvious separation from reality. Well, hopefully in the near future..

There’s just something about meeting in the middle, eh? Dramatic?
Simply ‘beauty’ and the beast


And speaking of the future — while it’s not ideal to make a sequel for fairy tales as it would only bring confusion especially to children (remember, we also use fairy tales to teach kids some values, so we do not really want a commercialized version of any, any tale), the tremendous support for this film could have producers thinkin’ about it, the sequel. Just don’t put in too much twists to it. Okay?

Their mutual love for books made that connection

Instead, make it a tale as old as time, a tune as old as song, and a song as old as rhyme‘.. Yeah, Beauty and the Beast.

Movie Review: Storks (2016)

Notice that 3D or animated films has been hitting the theatres more often than not these days?! Well, here’s another one that was shown just recently..

Yes, Storks!

Uh-huh, it’s a story about ’em birds who delivers those babies to couples wishing for that ‘bundle of joy’. But this time, there’s a twist. Of course. So, first watch the trailer to see them in action..

Oh, being able to actually write a stork in request for a baby is cute. And it comes via airmail, too! Haha! Anyway, since it’s a story that many of us are familiar with, watching Storks became something like aligning, or misaligning the tale from the film — but surely with a lot of laughs! Oh my, even birds are now techies with cornerstore.com!


One. Here, you got to appreciate how a child’s ‘innocence’ was taken into consideration when the Gardner family discussed about, err, how the baby came to be with couples. Nice one!

Two. While the 3D of humans were cool, we didn’t really like how the wolves were created. Like other recent 3D’s, they’re just a bit square and somehow looks like bears. Really. The birds were okay though — save for the ‘peanut-like’, green little birdie.


Three. Having a baby and taking care of it is a big responsibility, it’s no joke; and surely Nate and even Tulip did show characteristics worthy to be emulated by movie-goers — yup, children and adults alike — from hard work to caring to sacrifice. Good lesson.

Four. The value of family was once again on display — and that is being together, no matter what! Yet exactly how many of us even realizes this?? See, with all the divorce and separations going on, ‘family’ has become like just a word we refer to — for ‘origins’ sake, you know.

Yeah, just to have a ‘blood’ relative — to be able to say that we didn’t just come from some ‘baby factory’ delivered by a stork to our said parents. That’s it.

Okay, ‘parents and guardians’, they do take care of their kids even after separating — but look at how those kids would be when they grow up? They’d most likely end up divorcing as well; and never truly learning how to value family. Some even becoming delinquents!

In other cultures, even ‘whole’ families has become confusing, too. Wow, what has happened to ‘family’?!

Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

The highest grossing non-Disney original animated film of 2016 and currently with $726 million at the box office worldwide, The Secret Life of Pets is in short — just cute! From the 3D computer-animation to the story line to the film’s strong voice cast.

Uhm, though we didn’t like the choice of a shaggy mongrel so much.

The Cast
The Cast

Anyway, the story is said to be of what our pets do when we all leave for work or school, but the production did a good job in making a cute story out of it. Yeah, not just about lying on the couch or porch, or roaming around and messing up — but giving ’em a social life, so..

So, is this the typical ‘when the cat is away, the mouse will play’ sort of thing? But guess not so much with Max. He’s just pretty loyal and attached to his master that other ‘activities’ doesn’t really interest him unlike other pets who messes up just about everything.

secret-life-pets-a-800Animal language is like a ‘guessing game’ though. Like how would you confirm of a jealousy between pets or more so, dogs? What, rival pets just try to get your attention?? Yep, and animation makes it kinda funny. Though clearly, the film was carried by Snowball and Gidget. The antics. The spunk. The spirit. Just adorable!

Anyhow, there are those who compares this movie with ‘Toy Story’, hmm.. well in essence, yeah they’re quite the same — master and pet, or toy. Then again, toys don’t really breathe, so in a way, pets are more realistic. And so is this movie — as friendships do exist in pets!


Of course, the connivance of different animals is already fantasy. Yet simple as it is, the movie is definitely warm and entertaining.

Oh, can’t wait for the sequel!

Movie Review: Finding Dory (2016)

As a sequel to the 2003 hit ‘Finding Nemo’, Finding Dory was in fact able to stand on its own with Nemo being in the background. It’s got some nice graphics especially in the ocean with all those colorful 3D fishes — and with Ellen DeGeneres lending her nice voice. Still, there are some flaws in the plot..

One. Dory got lost playing ‘hide and seek’ with her parents. Seems alright. But looking deeper, Dory’s just so young to play such a game in a vast playground with currents that are unpredictable — so much so she’s got amnesia! Hmm…

Two. When Dory disappeared, her parents never got screen time until Dory eventually found them. My, it doesn’t make sense! This lack of screen time would make her parents appear negligent; like, lack of care as they never really showed Dory was being sought for.

Nonetheless, what’s cool about this movie is its adventure and those lessons along the way..

Indeed, we could see how important family is; as even such a young ‘child’ had to muster courage just to get reunited with her parents. It’s real tough being alone. The adventure of meeting different sea creatures, being in different places, and facing all those challenges just allowed young Dory to grow to her potential — yet the time of being apart with family is something that could never be replaced.

So as they say, ‘time is the most precious gift you can give your loved ones’ — thus, don’t waste opportunities to be together! finding-dairy-202x300

Still, if only for lessons — nah, more than the rescue, rehab and release stuff — that if you just remain good ‘deep inside’, miracles happen even just when you are about to give up. Yeah, proof that there’s really a God who cares for His children.

As Dory even experienced it — the best things happen by chance! Right. Many times, you can’t just keep planning, but just jump ahead. Live for the moment. Live righteously tho. But do what needs to be done. And God will bring you to where you need to be..

In His time.

Movie Review: Norm of the North (2016)

Unfortunately, just one of those animated movies that most critics dislike — Norm of the North. Why? Simple plot? Mediocre laughs, like, toilet humor and ‘forced’ action scenes? Anyway, let’s see the plot and how we view it..

Norm (Rob Schneider) is a polar bear who could not hunt since he’s ‘too sensitive’ to do it yet he could talk to humans. Hmm… And so, tourists have been abound the North Pole just to take a glimpse of the ‘circus-like’ Norm and the rest of the animals — though many of them were peeved of losing their ‘privacy’.

Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) is a wealthy dude who saw the Arctic as an opportunity and so planned to put up luxury condos and malls in the North Pole. But with their home in peril, Norm decides to go to New York to save it; and there, he meets Olympia (Maya Kay) who helps him concoct a plan in thwarting the schemes of Mr. Greene.

Well, probably the greed of Mr. Greene was not ‘positively’ depicted. Hah! Wow, ‘greed’.. positive?!? Otherwise, the bears were just not huggable — and to a point, not realistic. Hey, Norm’s face just looks more like a mixed lion and deer than a bear! And Mr. Greene? Like a green goblin, obviously. But a very thin one at that!

Okay, though the idea of Norm saving the arctic is good — and his sensitivity for Vera and Olympia as well — his ‘twerking’ and stuff could be alarming for conscientious parents. Yet again, there’s two valuable things to learn from this..

One. As grandpa said it, ‘A king always fights for his home’. So.. Love your land. Love your family. Two. We are all under one sky, whether animal or human — then why not try to live in peace and preserve earth from any sort of destruction??


While the animation may not be that cool with all the sloppiness and poor graphics — plus an animated rendition “of Sean Connery’s 1991 entrance in Robin Hood’s wedding” by grandpa on his reentry to the Arctic — it had a box office of $23.7M on a budget of $18M when it was released back in January 15 in the U.S. and other territories. Now with its run in this part of the globe, it’s bound earn a bit more.


Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

They say as a movie series jumps from one to the next one, the feature gets ‘weaker’ especially when it’s already number 3, like in the case of Kung Fu Panda 3. Perhaps because many have already figured out what would happen next.. So, let’s then review how did the ‘third’ installation of Po’s adventures went about.

The story basically starts with Kai taking Oogway’s chi and escaping from the spiritual realm and into the mortal realm. Meanwhile, Shifu challenged Po to teach the Furious Five, and harness his own ‘chi’ by discovering who he really is.

Now, while in his goose dad’s restaurant, Po found out not just a dumpling-eating challenger, but a panda himself who’s looking for his lost son. And you’re right, it’s Po’s father, Li Shan.

The bonding moments though was cut short and their peace was replaced with tension when Kai’s chi-powered Jade warriors located them all and attacked. Shifu found out that Kai used to be Oogway’s close friend who just became greedy. Kai was eventually banished by Oogway into the spiritual realm only to escape after 500 years, yet could only be stopped by a true master of ‘chi’.

Li Shan heard this and told them that being a panda he knows how to harness the power of ‘chi’, however, Po has to return to the secret village of pandas to first understand what being a panda is before being taught about the ‘chi’. (Chi is an Oriental concept in which energy flows through every living thing; and to master it, you have to master yourself and only then could you be able to stand up against magical powers) kung-fu-panda-3-01

So, off to the secret panda village. Meanwhile, the Jade warriors attacked anew and took Shifu and the Furious Five save for Tigress who escaped and informed Po of what happened. With this, Po had to teach the pandas ‘to be themselves’ in battling Kai — since his father admitted that they didn’t really know how to harness the ‘chi’ and only said it so Po would be safe and they could be together again.

Result? Po and his fellow pandas were not able to beat Kai in the mortal world, but Po had to take Kai to the spiritual world to stand a chance. And as Po was about to be defeated, the pandas as well as Tigress and Ping (Po’s goose dad) tried to harness their own ‘chi’ by being who they were for Po. And so the victory — with Po ending up as the true successor to Oogway!


So, did Kung Fu Panda 3 have a pedestrian plot? While the meeting of father and son is inevitable, that can’t be graded as unimaginative. We all came from someone, somehow. And so it’s good to know your roots, it’s gratitude. Without them, you will not be.

Thus, it’s something to teach and reaffirm with our children. And obviously, it’s valueing what matters — family. So be that example.

Another thing to learn is ‘mastering oneself’. Guess this is pretty similar to the principles of monks which is why they have overcome the material world — and that’s actually good!

11358235_753527964756850_301864324_nNonetheless, if there’s something not so nice in the film, it’s Kai and his army. While everything was a work of art, Kai seems to be ‘missing’ something. Okay, the idea of a ‘buffalo’ being a villain is cool, but the artwork? For one, his horns are not just too long but it’s close to each other — it lessens his fearsome look then. The rest of the body, well.. Anyway, jade is a cool concept too, but the army just lacks ‘volume’.

In all, moviegoers won’t really notice the details of the animation so much as they would just be entertained by Po’s class act. Just don’t forget to bring some dumplings! Hah!