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Summertime: Your Camping Essentials

What is summer without camping, uh? Yep, especially when beaches are full?! Yet of course, camping is by all means not a second choice for fun and adventure — as the wilderness is always a refreshing way to energize and bond!

But just like any other activity, preparation is needed. Especially in camping when you would spend at least a night outdoors. And altho you could bring just about anything, it’s certainly practical to travel and go light. The less, the better.

Here now are your Basic Camping Essentials. Just Click the Images.

WATERPROOF TENT (5-6 persons)

Ideally, you should put a 1-2 person allowance in your tent check list — for extra valuable space. This means, if there are 4 of you who’s planning to go camping, try to bring a 5-6 person waterproof tent.


You wouldn’t want to feel itchy while you sleep, that is if you could even sleep with the grass tickling you. So if you couldn’t afford an inflatable pad yet, just make sure you get a mat that is waterproof.


Even during summer, you know it’s cold when you’re outdoors — thus, having a sleeping bag could keep you warm and safe.


We guarantee you, it’s gonna be dark at night and you would not want to get lost in the woods. Therefore, a solar lamp is a must.


One can’t imagine the importance of having a knife (even a multi tool) on hand — from preparing food to fixing your tent to opening bottles to what have you.


While you could cook with firewood and really feel that you are camping, it wouldn’t hurt if you bring a little portable stove.


If you got a lighter or even a match, you could bring ’em; then again, could it handle even a slight breeze without being extinguished?


Hey, we can’t always eat canned goods, you know. And burners are not only for heating up coffee water — so, try to take along a couple of pots and pans including a bowl or so.


Now speaking of hot and cold beverages for your mornings and throughout the day, a nice vacuum flask would do.


Would you rather bring several containers of water, or invest in a water filtration system? Having the latter is more than welcome.


Camping doesn’t mean you’d always hole up in your tent, thus having a windproof jacket to roam around would surely do you good.


Finally, when outdoors, it’s always good to be ‘first aid’ ready.

At the end of the day, camping is really like living outdoors, so others might even bring coolers, portable tables and chairs — but for us, we travel light. The less, the better.  However you travel, just do not forget to bring extra clothing, slippers, hygienic set (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc), and extra food unless you would fish.

Consumer Video: Camping Gadgets put to the Test

It’s just about the weekend and could be a nice time for another adventure for many of us — like camping! Yet again, understand that you’re not going to some fashion show or ‘luxurious’ event, so make sure you have just the ‘right’ gadgets with you.

Let us see what’s kinda “trending” in camping gadgets..

Guess what — while some of the gadgets are sort of ‘luxurious’ and close to useless, there are still a few that’s quite handy and a must have especially when staying out. What ya’ think?

Hmm… the ‘airpad’? It might be easy to put away but you’d have to blow your lungs out just to use it! Ah, never mind that it could turn into a seat — you’re camping anyway, you could sit on the ground!

Yeah, same goes with the ‘air couch’ or whatever you call it. Seems like the material is just too thin that it could easily blow up or succumb to pricking. Hey, what’s wrong with these gadgets using ‘air’ nowadays?? They’re just a waste of money.

Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle
Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle

And the ‘pocket chainsaw’?? Wow, while it has its use, it could also be dangerous! Yes, on the handle. Those chains are pretty sharp and there’s no ‘real’ secure spot to hold it while cutting stuff. Huh, I’d rather not bring such..

How about the ‘camping shower’? *Sigh.. This is camping. You’re supposed to experience the wilderness — why bring a shower with you? The cellphone is out of the question, of course. And so, you do need a ‘solar charger’ for that; but the one we have on the video is not really something new — so that shouldn’t really be in the video. Yup, it’s a given that campers should definitely bring with them.

Camping Shower: What happened to 'experiencing' the wilderness?
Shower?? What happened to ‘experiencing’ the wilderness?

The water bottle..? Oh, if only for not taking up space..

3 Gadgets that stood out though. One, the ‘hat with a flashlight’ could help a lot as you wouldn’t need to hold your torch; instead, use your hands for other camping duties. The only issue is probably ‘cleaning’. See, the light should be removable so as to be able to wash the cap — otherwise, you’ll just stink and feel itchy on the head.

Hat with flashlight
Hat with flashlight

Two. The ‘spork’. Spoon and fork in one utensil plus a little knife. This way you wouldn’t need to bring additional stuff but just one. The only question is its durability. The metal looks too thin to really handle tough meat, et cetera.

Finally, the ‘dry sock’. That water-proof pouch, you know. This is especially useful since you could slip and get dirty in the wilderness — the pouch then protects your stuff from getting wet and messy. Now, that’s more like it!

Product Review: Etekcity Ultralight

If you want to make life easier during camping trips or whatever your adventure particularly in terms of preparing your meals — then our featured product maybe a good thing to have.

Etekcity Ultralight. It’s a fully functional stove that uses standard single butane or butane-propane canisters; it weighs just under 100 grams so it’s certainly something to think about.

Okay. Being a lightweight and portable, it is.. indeed something to consider. More so, it’s just $10. Yep, you heard us right. $10.

Then again, some consumer concerns. How much cooking weight could it actually handle? How long does a canister last? And if you run out of gas, where could you buy one? Online? Walmart? But what if one’s overseas? And if it gets broken?

0624 etekcity 3 0624 etekcity 4 0624 etekcity 5

Hmm… Admittedly so, butane is still popular in our area — thus, the probable issue here would just be ‘refilling the canister’. Now, is this canister universally designed? Otherwise, could the butane we have refill Etekcity’s canister?

Well, it says it’s compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane or butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417). Just remember, we’re dealing with ‘gas’ here so take those necessary precautions — like, turning off the valve when screwing the canister and stuff — yeah, altho a slightly leaking gas is said to be normal when screwing on the Etekcity’s canister. Anyway, do not worry, you’d be given a manual for this of course.

0624 etekcity 8 0624 etekcity 9

Still, other than the above, there’s also the question of ‘experiencing adventure’. You know, if you got a device like Etekcity — you’d miss out on some survival fun. Like, getting firewood in the wilderness and of course, cooking meals with the wood you got. See?

Product Review: Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter

Our adventure continues with a valuable camping tool in the Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter. And for $8-$13 (depending on where you bought it), let’s see what it really has..

Okay, it’s first of all another way to quickly light your tinder on fire. Then again, it’s actually the best way to do so! Compared to regular matches, this magnesium fire starter is weather resistant — it doesn’t die down when lighting it up that is. More so, it’s also wind-proof, this means you don’t need to cover in worry while striking.

Cool? Well, here’s more.

It’s got a compass which could certainly be of help. And it also has an emergency whistle — at 150 decibels. Plus a little blade to cut small tinders just in case. Yet another nice thing about this is that the ‘fire starter’ rod could easily fit in your gears since it’s just 5.5 inches!

Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter
Sharp Survival Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter

And so, compared to matches that only carries 24 sticks and more so is affected by water and weather. magnesium fire starters could light up to 15,000 times with no problem.

Wow! Isn’t there anything negative about this? Sure. if you could take its price — just don’t leave it with your kids, or else..

Product Review: Sawyer Mini Water Filter

One of the critical necessities when on an adventure trip is water — not just for bathing but especially for drinking. Yet what if the body of water you find is not clean, or questionable in its potability? What would you do, go find another source — who knows where?

Luckily, there’s now more choices in terms of mini water filters.

Okay, let’s say this mini water filter removes bacteria — which any said ‘water filter’ should, huh! Now, the question is ‘how much water could it filter?’ or approximately ‘how long or how many times could it be used?’ — again, there would be claims of this and that. In the case of this 2 oz. Sawyer Mini Water Filter, it filters up to 100,000 gallons of water. 0524 sawyer mini 1

Obviously, 100,000 gallons of water would be tough to prove for ordinary consumers since you’d literally have to use it until it’s almost unusable. Wow! Then again, going over the limit, or even just within its max could entail some digestive disorders. Would you wait for that? Otherwise, just don’t go the limit to be safe, of course.

0524 sawyer mini 3Still, consumers would not want to waste hard-earned money on a trial basis. This means more education or consumer information needs to be provided by Sawyer and the rest of those making water filters — not simply demos and stuff — to show real value for money.

More than having that pouch, the next concern should be ‘cleaning’, of course. If it’s easy to clean without risk of damaging the filter then go, after all, it does its job and it’s easy to carry, too. So, at $17 each, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter should be worth the adventure.

Product Review: FISTRAL Heimplanet Tent

Last time out, we had the Cinch Pop-up Tent, now we bring you one of the Heimplanet Tents in FISTRAL — the smallest of the four inflatable geometric tents.


The FISTRAL is said to be good for 1-2 persons but it costs a hefty €411,76 Euros. Yep, pretty expensive where the only thing different is its pumping mechanism. Now, is it really worth it? Let’s see..

Well, the video maybe entitled a test and review, but it’s really more like a demo on how to set it up. No real test or at least questions on the tent’s specs or durability. So.. let’s do our thing.

0524 fistral tent 4

Hmm… While those chambers looks stable, how much wind and rain could it actually handle before those straps and strings tear off?

0524 fistral tent 5 0524 fistral tent 6

And unless the tent has a built-in foam — then the comfort of your back largely depends on the surface you place your tent on. Right?!

Still, what’s nice with FISTRAL though is it’s lighter at 2.5 kilograms compared to other ‘high-end’ tents which is double its weight.

0524 fistral tent 3

As for its 2 entrances and 2 vestibules — ‘maximum comfort’ isn’t the right adjective for this as comfort should include your ‘bedding’. So, in this case, it’s more of ventilation.

And speaking of ‘air’, why is the pump (€23,53) separately bought? Is it for those who lost their pump? Ah, there should then be a discount on those who purchases the tent with a pump.

Rain or shine, let’s go!

Product Review: CINCH Pop-up Tent with Solar Power and LED

Camping is always fun. Always an adventure to look forward to. Yep, anywhere in the world. And so, how about going through one interesting tent? The Cinch pop-up tent with solar power and LED.

Yeah, you heard us right — it’s got solar power! Something campers everywhere would truly appreciate, and what’s more, it’s a pop-up.. Meaning, it almost practically sets up on its own. Cool, eh?!

Looking at a ‘new’ owner of the Cinch, Mark Boehnlein, you know that the tent is kinda ‘bulky’ in some way — nah, not thick but wide. And a 4-man tent practically weighs 9 kgs at that, oh, quite heavy!

Cinch 4-man tent
Cinch 4-man tent

Then again, it maybe wide but it’s easy to set up though as it only takes less than than a minute to do so. Okay, it may seem ‘vulnerable’ but it could actually withstand rain and wind. Thanks to those pegs and strings that’s holding it down.

Oh, good LED pegs, very helpful. Well, the kit is basically equipped with what you’d need like 2 LED lanterns, of course, not to mention the solar power pack among others.

Cinch features
Cinch features

Yet, what’s nice is the porch area — it makes you ‘feel at home’. Hah! Tho with a noticeably good ventilation in having all those ‘windows’ and two entrances, the question now would be ‘durability’. Tearing?

So, here is the part where you’d need some practice — taking down the tent. If you remember how you took it when it was set up, then obviously you have an idea on wrapping it up. Hmm… with practice, it’s just as easy. Sure.

The tents come in 3 sizes: 2-man, 3-man and 4-man tent. And priced at $219… $248… $278 respectively, but excluding the ‘solar power pack’ that’s pegged at $131 as it’s optional. Reasonable?

Still, the ‘solar power pack’ is what really made this tent interesting, so it’d be a given that one would want to have it as well — 7W solar panel, extended data wires, water proof junction box, 4000 mAh power bank, and a cable lock.

Now, this is what you call ‘home away from home’!