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9 Common Summer Diseases and Precautions

It’s juuust about summer, yep, even if it rains once in a while — it’s still hot, ohh, hotter! Anyway, while many are excited about vacationing and spending their days under the sun, be careful. It’s better to know your body’s limits and take some precautions.

Here now are the most common summer diseases in the Philippines.


Sore eyes (Photo: firmoo)

Although this ‘reddening of the eyes’ also infects adults, this is especially common in children mainly because of the less than hygienic nature of kids mixed with the warmer than usual temperature and an abode that is more frequented not only by people but dust and dirt.

Oh by the way, did you know that if ‘sore eyes’ are mistreated that it could lead to blindness? Seriously. Thus, this summer make sure you wash your hands more often to lessen the risk of infection.


Sunburn (Photo: mommyish)

Obviously with our excitement to go swimming and cool off our buuurning bodies, we tend to overdo it. Result. More than just a red skin but a sunburn. Mind you, know what exposure to UV rays bring to our health? Skin cancer. So, it’d be good to start putting sunscreen 30 minutes before going under the sun.


Heat Stroke (Photo: First Aid for Free)

Now speaking of ‘going under the sun’, remember, the hottest time of the day is between 10AM to 2PM. Therefore, try to stay in shades or cooler places during this time. Hydrate yourself by drinking more than just 8 glasses of water the whole day. Hey, 8 glasses is just a year-round average — which should naturally be increased during summer!

Also, try to always use umbrellas or hats whenever you go out. That would help against dehydration and heat stroke.


Cough and colds (Photo: World News)

Because of the changing weather (which at times rain despite summer), we are more prone to cough and colds; and so, it would be good if we could have more fruits and veggies in our diet to strengthen our immune system. Yup, not just water.

Otherwise, don’t miss out on your vitamin C and D supplements.


Flu (Photo: 91healthcap)

Worse case scenario, you could get bedridden with a flu should you take your cough and colds for granted — and thus miss out on some bonding moments with family and friends. Hmm…

So. Drink. Drink. Drink. Water. More water. To up your immunity to the next level. And don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze. Hey, can’t just bring another summer-excited soul to sick bay with you!


Prickly heat (Photo: herbal care product)

Prickly heat. Rashes. Boils. Actually, these are the result of not just a hot weather but of improper hygiene. Try to regularly bathe everyday. Wear clean and dry clothes. And when you go swimming, make sure that you take a shower before and after dipping in the pool — especially if you’re not sure of the pool’s maintenance.

And of course, don’t add to its dirt by peeing in it. Okay? There are bathers who may have a weaker immune system, you know.


Diarrhea (Photo: skymet weather)

While we may enjoy eating street food, summer is the time to be especially careful on this indulgence. The weather is hot, and at times, unusually hot thus food could spoil faster than usual — particularly those ‘already cooked’ food that we buy, or that even we ourselves have prepared for our summer escapades. See? Even if we made them ourselves!

Worse, some may even be contaminated for whatever reason. So, if not careful, you’d spend more time on the ‘bowl’ than at the beach.

Food poisoning (Photo: News Flash)


Okay, the ‘bowl’ may be a much better place than the hospital which could be due to a summer breakdown like food poisoning. So careful.


Rabies (Photo: vital animal)

Especially for non-native English speakers, have you ever wondered what ‘dog days’ mean? Hottest time of the year. Summer. And this term is referred to because dogs usually breathe harder with their tongues out during hot days — that’s why it’s called ‘dog days’!

And during ‘dog days’, these creatures are particularly ‘hot-headed’. Yeah, meaning irritable since it’s hot. Thus, be sure to always give them water and bathe them regularly. Rabies can be fatal. So for assurance, have ’em vaccinated as well. Give ’em all the care they deserve. They too want to feel comfortable, and us, safe.

In the end, what’s the use of summer if we can’t all have fun?!

Food Review: Cheeseburger (American)

The world’s 30th most delicious food has actually become so common around the globe that one may even be surprised that it’s where it is ranked. Yeah, and like what our title suggests, it’s the American

Hmm… wendys-steakhouse-jr-cheeseburger-deluxe-01

Well, obviously, the burger patty has a lot to do with the sandwich; and adding cheese only added more flavor to it. Meat lovers are just about anywhere, see?

Then again, we all know how unhealthy it could be; as yet another study, this time from the researchers of the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology finding cheeseburgers as bad as smoking..

As a diet high in animal protein could increase one’s risk of cancer or diabetes-related illnesses leading to death. Thus, it would be good to know one’s BMI to understand how much protein can his body actually take.

Adults should have around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight – allowing a 130 pound adult a daily animal protein intake of 45-50 grams.

And although the good side of eating cheeseburgers include no sugar, high in iron, high in vitamin B6 and B12 – the bad side also includes it’s high content of saturated fat and sodium.

Oh yes, regular, single-patty cheeseburgers have about 22 grams of protein. So if you crave for it, once in a while is okay, but a regular intake would hurt you.

Your choice.

Ebola, Air Travel and Plague

With the cure for Ebola still murky and a couple of “missionaries” as in those trying to lend their medical expertise in Africa contracting the disease and.. forced to go home – many have naturally feared the possibility that the virus could actually infect beyond borders.

Yeah.. Through air travel that is. After all, passengers including the patient breathes the same air in a plane.

Yet according to studies, although we maybe wary of infection, the probability is in fact very low. For one, aside from the fact that air is filtered, it takes 21 days for the virus to incubate. This means, the patient has long gone home in isolation before he could really infect others.

Oh, really? That’s a relief.

Well, Ebola doesn’t really infect through air; but is spread through saliva, vomit or blood penetrating orifices like the nose, mouth or wounds. So if you got family trying to clean some infected mess, he could be in danger. Reminds us of the game Plague where you are to try to wipe out humanity.

Hey, Ebola is no joke. And it’s certainly not a game, but this time, we are facing a reality that humanity could indeed be threatened if we don’t take the necessary steps. Not just quarantine and “spread control” but finding that ultimate cure.

Plague gave us an idea that the worse could happen to mankind. Then again with urgent and concerted effort, we will overcome.