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In Pictures: Mainit Springs (Cebu)

Have you ever thought that there is actually a hot spring in south of Cebu? Yeah, not only beautiful beaches and falls — but a hot spring, too! Must be over 40 degrees of sulfuric acid if I’m not mistaken.

And where is it? Well, about 120 kilometers southwest of Cebu City at Barangay Montaneza, Malabuyoc, Cebu. Around a 3 hour or so drive.  So here, check ’em out.

To get here from Cebu City, you’d have to start off at the South Bus Terminal — get off Malabuyoc (inform the conductor that you’d be going to Mainit Springs at Barangay Montaneza) then ride a ‘habal-habal’ to take you to the hot spring. These would cost you around P200 more or less; that’s a rough estimate since we actually took the east coast (not the via Barili bus) to get here.

The middle pool
The right pool

Meanwhile, the entrance fee for the hot spring is 20 pesos per head. However, in case you’re thinking of an overnight stay — there’s none within the spring’s vicinity — so, it’s either you camp out or stay in Poblacion, or nearby barangays or towns.

Towards the left pool

Okay, since the spring is hot, as in hot — if you are a first-timer, you’d probably take a long ritual before immersing in this sulfuric spring. So the trick is to go slow. Try to feel the water first, get used to the high temperature and dip yourself limb by limb. Hehe. Before slowly submerging yourself. Hey, don’t open your eyes — and make it quick!

The left pool
Left pool: The immersion

Shortly, you’d notice your skin has turned red while dirt and dead skin are easy to peel. In the end, you’ll be sort of feelin’ relaxed and reenergized, like having gone to a sauna — perhaps even better — since whatever skin allergies you have would somehow be treated!

T’is more than an experience, it’s healing! Try it!

Mangosteen: Southeast Asia’s Queen of Fruits

If the durian is Southeast Asia’s King of Fruits, mangosteen is the region’s “Queen of Fruits.”

Hmm… King.. Queen.. Is this a joke? Of course not. They got their reasons for being monickered as such. And for the mangosteen, it’s mainly because of its said medicinal properties.

Well, this is not to say that the fruit sucks. In fact, if only for its smell and appearance, the mangosteen is far more better than the durian and many other fruits for that matter – how much more its taste? image

If you haven’t tried one, the mangosteen is a seasonal fruit and is normally available during the summer in Southeast Asia. The fruit is purple on the outside with a hard yet easy to crack rind. The edible part, however, is the 5-7 white and succulent seeds that’s sweet enough to make you keep coming back for more.

Now for its medicinal properties..

You must have seen many supplement nowadays that are made from mangosteen. Why, yes, because it’s high concentration of xanthones are deemed to be super antioxidants that is far higher than any other source you may know.


Not only that, that rind which is the key to all these healing properties is also said to have from antibacterial effects to antifungal activities to the prevention of high cholesterol and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

More so, mangosteen is also traditionally used to treat skin and gastrointestinal problems, allergies, inflammation, wounds, and even fever. Then again, although it’s good in reducing the risk of cancer, still there’s this lack of evidence that the mangosteen actually treats cancer.

Hey, still not bad for a delicious summer fruit!