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9 Common Summer Diseases and Precautions

It’s juuust about summer, yep, even if it rains once in a while — it’s still hot, ohh, hotter! Anyway, while many are excited about vacationing and spending their days under the sun, be careful. It’s better to know your body’s limits and take some precautions.

Here now are the most common summer diseases in the Philippines.


Sore eyes (Photo: firmoo)

Although this ‘reddening of the eyes’ also infects adults, this is especially common in children mainly because of the less than hygienic nature of kids mixed with the warmer than usual temperature and an abode that is more frequented not only by people but dust and dirt.

Oh by the way, did you know that if ‘sore eyes’ are mistreated that it could lead to blindness? Seriously. Thus, this summer make sure you wash your hands more often to lessen the risk of infection.


Sunburn (Photo: mommyish)

Obviously with our excitement to go swimming and cool off our buuurning bodies, we tend to overdo it. Result. More than just a red skin but a sunburn. Mind you, know what exposure to UV rays bring to our health? Skin cancer. So, it’d be good to start putting sunscreen 30 minutes before going under the sun.


Heat Stroke (Photo: First Aid for Free)

Now speaking of ‘going under the sun’, remember, the hottest time of the day is between 10AM to 2PM. Therefore, try to stay in shades or cooler places during this time. Hydrate yourself by drinking more than just 8 glasses of water the whole day. Hey, 8 glasses is just a year-round average — which should naturally be increased during summer!

Also, try to always use umbrellas or hats whenever you go out. That would help against dehydration and heat stroke.


Cough and colds (Photo: World News)

Because of the changing weather (which at times rain despite summer), we are more prone to cough and colds; and so, it would be good if we could have more fruits and veggies in our diet to strengthen our immune system. Yup, not just water.

Otherwise, don’t miss out on your vitamin C and D supplements.


Flu (Photo: 91healthcap)

Worse case scenario, you could get bedridden with a flu should you take your cough and colds for granted — and thus miss out on some bonding moments with family and friends. Hmm…

So. Drink. Drink. Drink. Water. More water. To up your immunity to the next level. And don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze. Hey, can’t just bring another summer-excited soul to sick bay with you!


Prickly heat (Photo: herbal care product)

Prickly heat. Rashes. Boils. Actually, these are the result of not just a hot weather but of improper hygiene. Try to regularly bathe everyday. Wear clean and dry clothes. And when you go swimming, make sure that you take a shower before and after dipping in the pool — especially if you’re not sure of the pool’s maintenance.

And of course, don’t add to its dirt by peeing in it. Okay? There are bathers who may have a weaker immune system, you know.


Diarrhea (Photo: skymet weather)

While we may enjoy eating street food, summer is the time to be especially careful on this indulgence. The weather is hot, and at times, unusually hot thus food could spoil faster than usual — particularly those ‘already cooked’ food that we buy, or that even we ourselves have prepared for our summer escapades. See? Even if we made them ourselves!

Worse, some may even be contaminated for whatever reason. So, if not careful, you’d spend more time on the ‘bowl’ than at the beach.

Food poisoning (Photo: News Flash)


Okay, the ‘bowl’ may be a much better place than the hospital which could be due to a summer breakdown like food poisoning. So careful.


Rabies (Photo: vital animal)

Especially for non-native English speakers, have you ever wondered what ‘dog days’ mean? Hottest time of the year. Summer. And this term is referred to because dogs usually breathe harder with their tongues out during hot days — that’s why it’s called ‘dog days’!

And during ‘dog days’, these creatures are particularly ‘hot-headed’. Yeah, meaning irritable since it’s hot. Thus, be sure to always give them water and bathe them regularly. Rabies can be fatal. So for assurance, have ’em vaccinated as well. Give ’em all the care they deserve. They too want to feel comfortable, and us, safe.

In the end, what’s the use of summer if we can’t all have fun?!

Consumer Info: How to Completely Remove BedBugs (Surot)

You must have heard of the line “don’t let the bedbugs bite”, maybe even a hundred times; but unless you have really experienced being pestered, you might not even know how they look like..

Yeah, the ‘bedbugs’ or surot.
‘Cause for one, you wouldn’t even care of such nuisance. Then again, it’s better to know and be prepared; yup, just in case..

Hmm… So, that’s how they look like. And in human ‘sweat’ is where they thrive.

Anyway without researching, if you once thought that they’re like bees hovering from bed to bed, you’re not alone. Of course, underneath ’em beds and luggages.

But hey, they’re actually not just residing under our beds but in our pillows, clothing, fabrics and even in cracks of wood. Wow!


We did hear from elders though that these bugs could be eliminated by wiping ‘floor wax’ on our beds (excluding the mattress, of course) and spraying insect repellents all over..

So, aside from washing our sheets regularly, cleaning our place and obviously exposing our beddings and all to sunlight for hours — it’s good to know of the usefulness of Isopropyl Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil in battling these ‘blood suckers’, so to speak.

Don’t let ’em deny ya’ a good night’s rest. Till then.. Ciao!

Consumer Info: Clearing Clogged Arteries Naturally through Food

There was a time when strokes or heart attacks for that matter were basically experienced by the middle-aged and especially senior citizens; however, times have changed. Circulation and heart problems have also become health issues among those in their 30’s, and to some extent — even those in their 20’s. Why is this?

Poor eating habits. Lack of exercise. Unhealthy lifestyle. Plus. Plus. Plus.

Result? A blockage as a result of an accumulation of plaque where one’s blood flows. Thus, a stroke or a heart attack that could cut short one’s life. Change has to happen — alongside the consumption of foods that could ‘clear’ clogged arteries, naturally.

Well, looking closely, none of the foods we saw really ‘clears’ clogged arteries. Otherwise, you just have to consume it for a looong time for it to take effect. After all, plaque is hard, and it’s already been stuck in the blood vessel for quite a while; so..

Once it’s blocked, it’s blocked. And the only way to actually clear it is through ‘angioplasty’, or the surgical repair or recanalization of a blood vessel. So, what gives? What then are these food for?


As we know, prevention is better than cure. And like many information and videos that we actually get on food that are said to ‘clear’ clogged arteries, it’s in fact only for prevention.


Now, it’s a matter of knowing what’s available at the market; yet worry not, it doesn’t really have to be all of them! You just have to understand how to mix and match (for maximum benefits) — even three or so of these foods in your daily meals.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food!

Consumer Video: 10 ‘Strange’ Japanese Inventions

Alright, many may find these Japanese inventions strange or funny but come to think of it — hey, most are real useful! Maybe some just needs a little ‘fine tuning’ to make it, well, less embarrassing..

Okay, where’s number 8? Was it the ‘feet umbrella’ shown at the start of the video? Anyway, let’s go at it one by one..

The ‘chopsticks fan’ would be useful if you’d be eating outside, but at home? Don’t think so. You could use a regular fan instead and point it at you, right? Then again, using it outside maybe funny at first but creative in the long, hmm.. ‘thinking’. Still, that would be bit ‘heavy’.

The ‘anti-rape disguise’ needs some fixing like, see those shoes of the girl? Yeah, what if the guy looks down? For one, the vending machine is obviously ‘soft’, hey, he might not even need to look down at all.

The ‘hay fever hat’ is pretty embarrassing to wear outside your home. Just look. You’re carrying toilet paper on your ‘head’! Yes, you may be sick but that’s just too much, don’t you think?

How about the ‘umbrella tie’? Well, this is possible. As long as it’s not bulgy and heavy, it’s okay to wear it. Not embarrassing as it’s hidden.

Oh, the ’10-in-1 gardening tool’.. Isn’t it kinda heavy? Yes, it’s useful but look at its size and width even girth. Better put all your tools in a box and bring them to your garden.

Now, the ‘lipstick assistant’ would only be needed if one is still a child. Or if you’re just way toooo in a hurry. Did that ever happen to you?

Wow, the ‘noodle eater hair guard’ makes you look like you’re from the carnival, huh? Hah! Yes, it has its use but how about just tying up your hair? Yet if you really like it, just don’t use it outside.

The ‘full body umbrella’ is real cool. The question here is the trouble you might go through in fixing it after the rain. Ah well..

Finally, we have the ‘personal rain saver’. While you could use ‘rain water’, this would just be ‘troublesome’ when coming from work as you’re just tired.. unless your area is actually experiencing drought.

In all, we could see the Japanese mind here.. Just real creative people.

Consumer Videos: Back to School DIY Ideas

So, it’s back to school for many and wouldn’t it be nice then to get a little creative?

Of course, and so here’s Crafty Sandra to help us out with some DIY ideas..

Hmm… Indeed, cute and colorful designs help motivate especially our little ones; but instead of spending more on stores with their ready-made products..

How about teaching your kids to create and have fun doing it themselves?

As they say, ‘learning starts at home’.. And simple creations like these only help deepen it.

Home Makeover: Small Space – Interior Design

Do you have a small-spaced house? Like the living room, dining area and the kitchen barely giving you room to maneuver? Not only that, but it’s even sucking the ‘light’ out of your home?

Well, our featured home makeover might give you some invaluable ideas for better living; and perhaps you could improve on them according to your exact setup..

So, did it relate to you? Anyway, here’s our take..


  • Though it’s a design no-no, Maia did well in pushing the sofa to the wall since the 3 other sides are either stairs or a window; however, adding a small frame just above it could have improved the presentation further.
  • While the round table is cool, the books on top are “too arranged” as if they’ve become part of the furniture – lessening the “library” impact. Quite simple to fix though, so no problem.
  • The vases are nice on the floor but since there are kids and who knows “dogs” as well – such design becomes impractical and dangerous.


  • The choice of furnishing and color is just great save for the frame.. its color mix kinda contradicted in a “different” way.


  • The idea of removing the divider was cool as indeed it brought in more space and light to the house’s section.
  • Just neatly arranged with the peninsula and window maximized.. though ideally, a stall or a plant could have been placed (before the fridge) beside the window.

In all, the makeover was just fantastic. Colors. Lighting. Furnishings. Drapery. The place simply came to life.

Good job!


Factors that make a “Classic” Animated Film

Just recently in the 86th Academy Awards, Walt Disney’s Frozen ran away with the Best Animated Feature Film award. Actually, the movie was real good that it also previously took the same award in various award-giving bodies like the Golden Globes, BAFTA, Annie, and the Critics’ Choice awards.


Then again, as in any critical analysis for greatness.. how good were its competition anyway? The question is not to have Elsa extend the harsh winter season amongst us but to truly understand what constitutes greatness in an animated film.

So, what makes an animated film a “classic”?

Is it the awards that it wins?  Sometimes, that can’t be the basis as this would depend on the film’s batch or competition. In this case, awards only help in a film’s recall.

Is it the box office? Revenue is time-based. What do I mean by that? Say, a kilo of meat could cost many times more in this generation than it did 50 years ago. This means, to give a more accurate analysis of popularity.. simply divide the total revenue with the actual number of “kilos.” Got the point?

Oh, then what?


Moral Lesson. Or values. Okay, most any animated film tries to work on this one but not all of them succeeds.. this is why not all animation are classics. The story is the foundation, you’re only supposed to creatively incorporate those values.

If you already got a good story to work on, this still doesn’t mean it’d be a classic unless you nicely bring it to life, for one.

Additional keys then would be the blend of character voices used.. the theme song.. the type of animation.. and the emotional attachment created in the film.

Frozen, undoubtedly, had a strong impact…