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9 Common Summer Diseases and Precautions

It’s juuust about summer, yep, even if it rains once in a while — it’s still hot, ohh, hotter! Anyway, while many are excited about vacationing and spending their days under the sun, be careful. It’s better to know your body’s limits and take some precautions.

Here now are the most common summer diseases in the Philippines.


Sore eyes (Photo: firmoo)

Although this ‘reddening of the eyes’ also infects adults, this is especially common in children mainly because of the less than hygienic nature of kids mixed with the warmer than usual temperature and an abode that is more frequented not only by people but dust and dirt.

Oh by the way, did you know that if ‘sore eyes’ are mistreated that it could lead to blindness? Seriously. Thus, this summer make sure you wash your hands more often to lessen the risk of infection.


Sunburn (Photo: mommyish)

Obviously with our excitement to go swimming and cool off our buuurning bodies, we tend to overdo it. Result. More than just a red skin but a sunburn. Mind you, know what exposure to UV rays bring to our health? Skin cancer. So, it’d be good to start putting sunscreen 30 minutes before going under the sun.


Heat Stroke (Photo: First Aid for Free)

Now speaking of ‘going under the sun’, remember, the hottest time of the day is between 10AM to 2PM. Therefore, try to stay in shades or cooler places during this time. Hydrate yourself by drinking more than just 8 glasses of water the whole day. Hey, 8 glasses is just a year-round average — which should naturally be increased during summer!

Also, try to always use umbrellas or hats whenever you go out. That would help against dehydration and heat stroke.


Cough and colds (Photo: World News)

Because of the changing weather (which at times rain despite summer), we are more prone to cough and colds; and so, it would be good if we could have more fruits and veggies in our diet to strengthen our immune system. Yup, not just water.

Otherwise, don’t miss out on your vitamin C and D supplements.


Flu (Photo: 91healthcap)

Worse case scenario, you could get bedridden with a flu should you take your cough and colds for granted — and thus miss out on some bonding moments with family and friends. Hmm…

So. Drink. Drink. Drink. Water. More water. To up your immunity to the next level. And don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze. Hey, can’t just bring another summer-excited soul to sick bay with you!


Prickly heat (Photo: herbal care product)

Prickly heat. Rashes. Boils. Actually, these are the result of not just a hot weather but of improper hygiene. Try to regularly bathe everyday. Wear clean and dry clothes. And when you go swimming, make sure that you take a shower before and after dipping in the pool — especially if you’re not sure of the pool’s maintenance.

And of course, don’t add to its dirt by peeing in it. Okay? There are bathers who may have a weaker immune system, you know.


Diarrhea (Photo: skymet weather)

While we may enjoy eating street food, summer is the time to be especially careful on this indulgence. The weather is hot, and at times, unusually hot thus food could spoil faster than usual — particularly those ‘already cooked’ food that we buy, or that even we ourselves have prepared for our summer escapades. See? Even if we made them ourselves!

Worse, some may even be contaminated for whatever reason. So, if not careful, you’d spend more time on the ‘bowl’ than at the beach.

Food poisoning (Photo: News Flash)


Okay, the ‘bowl’ may be a much better place than the hospital which could be due to a summer breakdown like food poisoning. So careful.


Rabies (Photo: vital animal)

Especially for non-native English speakers, have you ever wondered what ‘dog days’ mean? Hottest time of the year. Summer. And this term is referred to because dogs usually breathe harder with their tongues out during hot days — that’s why it’s called ‘dog days’!

And during ‘dog days’, these creatures are particularly ‘hot-headed’. Yeah, meaning irritable since it’s hot. Thus, be sure to always give them water and bathe them regularly. Rabies can be fatal. So for assurance, have ’em vaccinated as well. Give ’em all the care they deserve. They too want to feel comfortable, and us, safe.

In the end, what’s the use of summer if we can’t all have fun?!

Fashion Watch: Best Dresses of the Week

From simple dresses to lively ones to chic — yup, even for a mom-to-be — that’s what we have for this week. The best dresses on our summer stylish stars!

And first up..

0621a rs_634x1024-160620163649-634.Jennifer-Lopez-Peach-Dress-NYC.0616
Jennifer Lopez in NYC

J-Lo! Peach is always a nice, soft color — more so with Jennifer Lopez in that dress. Hey, don’t you just love her tote bag? Hah!

0621b rs_634x1024-160620121405-634-jennifer-aniston-new-york-paisley-dress-062016
Jennifer Aniston in New York

Now, this is what you call simple — yet it rocks! Whatta cool paisley dress, Jennifer! And those slippers are just perfect!

0621c rs_634x1024-160620081229-634-Blake-Lively-NYC-JR-062016
Blake Lively in New York City

Wow, yellow! Just real lively! And looking like a princess! Ohh, who would think that Blake is even pregnant??! Hmm…

Beyonce in New York
Beyonce in New York

B for Boho. B for Queen Bee. B for Beyonce. And B for just Beautiful!

0621e rs_634x1024-160620163115-634.Blake-Lively-Pregnant-NYC.ms.062016
Blake Lively onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in NYC

Oh my, is this the ‘Blake Lively Show’? Hah! Well, it’s just another wonderful dress by Blake — as if we can’t have enough of it!

Yet t’is just about it for today’s fashion feature. Ciao!

2015 NBA Weekly: Stars on International Play

While 34 of the brightest NBA stars have been called to a mini camp, well, in preparation for the coming Olympics in 2016 – participation in international play has been a subject of debate since Indiana star Paul George injured his leg just a year ago. Oh, as we know, t’was a freakish accident in an exhibition game prior to the World Cup..

Dante Exum sprawled on the floor (Photo: news.com.au

And again, with the recent injury to Utah’s Dante Exum while playing for his native Australia.. Concerns have started to grow anew.

Should NBA players be allowed to play for international competitions?

The answer is actually a no brainer. Yes, of course. Unless he’s currently nursing an injury.. Or he’s not a citizen of your country, in this case, America. After all, it’s the country’s pride at stake.

See, even Paul George himself still wants to play. So, isn’t that even commendable of him?

The NBA may be a business, and its merchandise are its players; but don’t you think they owe their country, one way or another, whatever heights they have achieved?

Paul George (R)

Yeah, particularly in the harnessing of their craft. That’s for the players. For the team owners, well, you wouldn’t have your merchandise if the players weren’t able to enhance their skills.. Right?

So? International competition is simply pay back time. Besides, even if one just plays in his backyard, injuries could still happen. So, just let your players decide.

Case closed.

Street Style: Erin Darke. Gigi Hadid. Britney Spears.

It’s summer and it’s hot, but that doesn’t take away the glamour of our stars on the streets. Here are our choices for this week’s street stylish celebrities with photos courtesy of E!

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke
Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke off to Sushi Samba

While Daniel just looks like a regular guy with his attire, Erin is uniquely glowing with that long, red skirt..

Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid in Soho
Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid in Soho

Seen here strolling in New York are Joe and Gigi, who actually looks more like coming off a workout than anything else. Cool pants, Gigi!

Britney Spears coming off Corner Bakery
Britney Spears coming off Corner Bakery

Oh, the colors may have some resemblance; I mean, that necklace and ’em sandals but the shorts is a bit off with the footwear. Nice necklace though.. and pretty, white tops from the pop princess!

Summer’s just started but street styling will always be around!

A Day at the La Vista Inland Resort

Summer time means fun at the beach, or swimming at resorts; and for today, we feature Balanga City’s La Vista Inland Resort..

In a super hot day filled with warm bodies looking to beat the heat.


The inland resort is actually located near the highway, so it’s really ideal for those who has their own vehicle..




As we can see, it’s got a good interior with all those greens – just real close to nature, so relaxing..

Wave pool


Oh, it does have 3 different pools, and one of them is a wave pool where it mimics the waves of the beach.. Yea, real fun!




Around the resort, there are various sights you could enjoy..

Then again, the place is also starting to deteriorate. It used to have an aviary but now, not even a single bird could be found. There also was a boating area, unfortunately, it has been left to dry. And lastly, the pool has to be maintained better as one could clearly notice how blurry the water is even only a few hours after opening..


Still, if you wish to spend more time, even overnight or so, there are cottages for you and your family..

You know, a nature-filled ambiance not only refreshens us but it’s also a good place to bond.

YouTube Review: Andrew Wiggins Ridiculous Pregame Dunk

Sure you have heard all the hype surrounding this year’s top NBA draft pick in Andrew Wiggins.. And so even the simplest, more so any unique action of his is magnified.

In our featured YouTube video of the week, we see Wiggins doing a creative pregame dunk by switching the ball in mid-air and behind the back at that – before flushing it to the hoop..

The score: 1.2 million views, so far.

Not a bad dunk. But there’s something missing though – Power. Yea, even a little would be enough. T’was quite a soft flush as we’ve noticed. Then again, how long could man stay up in the air, anyway?

Calling the great high flyers!! Dr. J.. MJ.. The Glide.. And even the Human Highlight Film.

Hmm… they’ve retired.

Music Review: Summer (Calvin Harris)

Here’s one of those music videos that patterns Need For Speed in some way – the 8th ranked song in this week’s Billboard Top Hits – Summer by Calvin Harris..

Here, you’ll see girls.. cars.. racing.. and party.

Then again, looking at it carefully, the video doesn’t seem to relate so much to the lyrics of the song..

And in fact, the wordings are quite short and irrelevant that they just tried to make it appealing by putting those Need For Speed elements we mentioned earlier.

As for the tune, well, it’s just okay but not really dazzling..

Yet who cares really? See, just put in a lovely lady in her underwears and you get over 101 million YouTube views. Ow!